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Commission approves CWD hunt in south central Montana, licenses go on sale Dec. 11 - The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved the Bridger Special Chronic Wasting Disease Hunt at its regular monthly meeting Thursday.
Commission approves CWD hunt in south central Montana, licenses go on sale Dec. 11 - The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission approved the Bridger Special Chronic Wasting Disease Hunt at its regular monthly meeting Thursday. The hunt will begin on Dec. 15 and go through Feb. 15. Licenses will go on sale Dec. 11. The goal of the hunt is to determine prevalence and distribution of chronic wasting disease within the hunt area. This is critical information for FWP as it plans for long-term disease management in the area.
Region 6 Havre-Area Check Station Results for the 2017 Season - The final results are in at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Havre check station for the 2017 hunting season. The check station was open for eight weeks; from Oct. 7 (the open of general antelope) through Nov. 26 (the end of the deer/elk general season). Overall, both hunter numbers and most big-game harvest increased from last year, with mule deer numbers being the highest in several years.
General Big Game Season Ends in Region 6, Elk Shoulder Season Starts Soon - For the second year, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 6 has a shoulder season that allows antlerless elk hunting from Dec. 15-Dec. 31, with a specific B-license. Elk licenses (general elk or B-licenses) valid during the archery and general seasons are not valid for the shoulder season in Region 6.
FWP Announces January 15 Deadline for Pheasant Release Applications - It is time to submit applications for 2018 pheasant releases through Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program. Landowners interested in releasing pen-reared ring-necked pheasants must submit an application before January 15th.
Numbers, satisfaction strong at season’s last check stations - Hunters visiting FWP Region 7 wrapped up their 2017 big game season on November 26, with all check stations reporting good weather, respectable harvest rates and ample opportunities to harvest game.
New CWD positive tests could change scope of special hunt - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks testing has identified two more cases of chronic wasting disease in Carbon County deer. The discovery means that the scope of a planned special hunt, which will go before the Fish and Wildlife Commission next week for approval, could expand into northern Carbon County.
FWP proposes special CWD mule deer hunt - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is proposing a special two-month mule deer hunt in south central Montana near where two bucks – which later tested positive for chronic wasting disease, or CWD – were killed earlier this fall. The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission is set to decide Dec. 7 on the proposed hunt, which is designed to gauge the prevalence of CWD in the area.
General Hunting Season Ends on a Good Note at Most Check Stations - (KALISPELL, Mont.) -- The final weekend of the general hunting season brought an increase in harvest at several check stations in Region One. The overall percentage of hunters with game ended the season at 8.6%, up from 7.5% through the previous weekend.
FWP proposes special CWD mule deer hunt - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is proposing a special two-month mule deer hunt in south central Montana near where two bucks – which later tested positive for chronic wasting disease, or CWD – were killed earlier this fall. The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission is set to decide Dec. 7 on the proposed hunt, which is designed to gauge the prevalence of CWD in the area.
White-tailed buck poached, left to waste near Terry - Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks received a report of a white-tailed buck found the morning of November 18 on private ground west of Terry.
Region 3 (SW Montana) Final Weekend Check Station Data - The general deer and elk season came to an end Sunday with fewer hunters venturing into the field over the weekend amid a stint of warmer weather and melting snow. Still, many hunters saw success, especially in the easternmost part of the region.
Hunter numbers down, weekend harvest mixed in south central Montana - Warm temperatures and manageable winds made for comfortable hunting but tough tracking conditions during this past weekend, the final two days of Montana’s 2017 general big-game hunting season. The result, measured at five Fish, Wildlife and Parks south central Montana check stations, generally was fewer hunters than last year and mixed success for hunters.
Hunting Season Ends with Harvest Up in West-Central Montana - Montana’s general big game hunting season closed on Sunday with west-central Montana check stations reporting the highest harvest in four years and the highest hunter success rate since 2007.
THANKFUL FOR SO MANY THINGS… - Those of us living and working in Montana are thankful for so much, but we at Fish, Wildlife & Parks wanted to take a moment to recognize a few of those things made evident by folks passing through an FWP check station recently.
Sunday marks close of busy general season - This Sunday marks the close of the 2017 general big game hunting season. License sales have been brisk in Region 7 as people squeeze their final hunting outings in between Thanksgiving celebrations.
Elk Hunter Shoots Grizzly Near Sun River Canyon - An elk hunter shot a charging grizzly bear Tuesday morning near the Sun River Canyon west of Augusta on the Rocky Mountain Front.
Elk Shoulder Season Set to Start Again - With the general big game season ending Nov. 26, many hunters are turning their focus again to the elk shoulder season.
Harvest Picks Up Slightly Over Weekend - (KALISPELL, Mont.) Harvest picked up slightly over the weekend, increasing the percentage of hunters with game to 7.5%, up from 6.8% last weekend. Fifty elk have come through check stations this year so far, which is similar to last year. Mule deer buck numbers are considerably lower than the previous years. Forty-three mule deer bucks have been harvested at this point in the season, compared to 123 last year.
Hunter numbers mixed, deer harvest down in south central Montana - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife biologists experienced moderate to brisk traffic at their four south central Montana check stations during the fifth weekend of the 2017 season. They found that the number of deer checked region-wide continues to lag compared to the long-term average.
Hunter Harvest Stays Steady in West-Central Montana - With one week left in big game hunting season, harvest remains steady across west-central Montana. Elk harvest reported at the area’s three hunter check stations continues to outpace last year’s, while white-tailed deer harvest fell slightly below last year over the past week.
Bird Hunter Shoots, Kills Charging Grizzly Bear Near Front - A pheasant hunter shot and killed a grizzly bear Nov. 4 near Pendroy along the Rocky Mountain Front that charged him after it was surprised by the hunter’s bird dog.
Elk Harvest Continues to Surge on Rocky Mountain Front - Harvest numbers for elk on a portion of the Rocky Mountain Front continue to be above the long-term average, says an Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife biologist.
Antlerless Elk Season to Close in Hunting District 424 - By order of the Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission, Hunting District 424, in a portion of Lewis & Clark County as described in the legal description in the 2017 Montana Deer, Elk, Antelope Hunting Regulations, shall be closed to all hunting of antlerless elk, effective one-half hour after sunset on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017. Hunting District 424 will remain open to brow-tined bull elk through Nov. 26.
Antlerless Elk Season to Close in Hunting District 442 - Elk Hunting District 442, on the Rocky Mountain Front northwest of Augusta, will close to all hunting of antlerless elk, effective one-half hour after sunset on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017.


Oregon: Ivory Regulation Bill Scheduled for Hearing - On Wednesday, May 20, at 3:00 p.m., the House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing and work session on Senate Bill 913, the ivory regulation bill, in HR 343. 
Supreme Court Says Convicted Felons Can Sell Their Guns - A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Monday that the government can't prevent a convicted felon who is barred from possessing firearms from trying to sell his guns after they are confiscated by authorities.
Federal judge halts D.C.’s ‘good reason’ concealed carry requirement - A federal judge on Monday put on hold the District’s requirement that gun owners demonstrate a “good reason” in order to receive a concealed carry permit — saying the licensing scheme deprives citizens of their Second Amendment rights.U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. granted a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit brought by three gun owners that seeks to overturn the new D.C. firearms law on the grounds that the regulations are so strict that they make it impossible to exercise their right to bear arms.
California: Bill would alter gun restraining orders - The California Assembly has passed a bill by Inland Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, that would allow gun owners to retain ownership of their firearms while they are subject to a gun violence restraining order.
Federal Judge Again Rules Key Part of New D.C. Gun Law Unconstitutional - Ten months after striking down the District’s long-standing ban on carrying firearms in public as unconstitutional, a federal judge Monday ordered the city to halt enforcing a key provision of the new gun-permitting system itadapted in response. As passed by the D.C. Council, the District’s new carry legislation remains among the strictest in the nation, requiring applicants to state good reason to carry a weapon in order to obtain a permit from police, matching laws in Maryland, New Jersey and New York. However, in a 23-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. ruled that condition — known as the “good reason/proper reason” requirement — still “impinges on Plaintiffs’ Second Amendment right to bear arms,” because it fails to target dangerous people or specifically how or where individuals carry weapons.  
Vermont: Session Ends on Positive Note as Suppressor Legislation Clears Legislature - Last Saturday, lawmakers wrapped up the 2015 legislative session in Montpelier.  Gun Sense Vermont launched a historic assault on the Second Amendment this year and came away empty-handed. 
Minnesota: Pro-Gun Legislation Sent to Governor Dayton! Your Action Needed! - Late last night, the Minnesota House and Senate adopted and re-passed Senate File 878 with strong bipartisan support in both chambers.  The Senate passed SF 878 by a 55-9 vote which was swiftly followed by a 116-15 vote in the House of Representatives.
North Carolina: Shooting Range Needs Your Help, Please Attend Meeting Tonight! - This evening, May 18, at 6:30 p.m., the Currituck Shooting Club Inc. will be holding a member and supporter meeting.  Please attend in support of this range.
Firearm industry adds billions to state, federal economies - Pardon the pun, but the firearm industry is really booming.Since 2008, gun sales have climbed steadily. So, too, has the number of firearm-related jobs. According to a recent study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, today’s firearms industry employs 134,429 people who make more than $5.9 billion in wages and create a direct economic impact of nearly $17.8 billion.
New York: Majority leader 'committed' to gun law fixes, Young says - Sen. Catharine Young defended herself against criticism by some upstate groups that she abandoned her geographic responsibilities by supporting a Long Island Republican this week to become Senate majority leader.Young, an Olean Republican, said Flanagan has “committed” to making changes to the SAFE Act gun control law. “I’m very excited because it’s the first real movement we’ve seen since it was passed,’’ Young said of the 2013 gun law.
Texas: Open carry likely starting final approach to Abbott's desk - Legalizing open carry of handguns in Texas is beginning the final approach to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's desk.
Texas: Police preparing for expected approval of guns being allowed on college campuses - It seems clear that Texas will inevitably join the growing list of states that allowed the licensed concealed carry of handguns on college campuses.With bills in the Texas House and Senate working their way toward Gov. Greg Abbott, who has said he intends to sign such legislation when it reaches his desk, administrators and law enforcement officers in the state are prepared for a potential change. Whether schools like Texas A&M University or the University of Texas will wrangle with lawmakers if a campus carry law is implemented or embrace the change is uncertain, but for law enforcement, by and large, operations will carry on as usual.
Nevada: Campus carry added to another gun bill, clears Assembly panel - A “campus carry” bill that failed to get a hearing in the Senate was resurrected Friday in the Assembly Judiciary Committee in a bit of legislative sleight of hand that keeps the proposal alive, at least for the time being.
House Passes National Defense Bill with Kelly Amendment to Ban Funding for UN Arms Trade Treaty - Today the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1735, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2016, which fully funds the United States Armed Forces and ensures that American troops have all the resources required to successfully defend the homeland and achieve their missions abroad. The legislation once again included an amendment introduced by U.S. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) to continue the annual ban on funding by the Department of Defense for the implementation of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The amendment is the strongest version to date, updating the language of Rep. Kelly’s previous amendments that were enacted into law in previous NDAAs.
NRA plans 2016 voter outreach as support for gun rights grows - The National Rifle Association is planning a major voter-outreach program for the 2016 presidential election, buoyed by its success in targeted elections last year and hoping to capitalize on Americans’ growing belief that gun ownership will make them safer as fear of crime rises, its chief lobbyist says. “As people learn more, and take a more serious approach toward their own security and the failure of the criminal justice system, they see these rare but horrific crimes. Whether you support or hate the Second Amendment, everyone wants something done,” Chris Cox, the executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, told TheWashington Times.

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