Author Topic: Need New Arrows For Recurve  (Read 610 times)

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Need New Arrows For Recurve
« on: May 26, 2017, 08:35:46 AM »
Old arrows that came with inherited Bear 50# Kodiak are all used up what Arrows might work with this bow?  what spine rating?

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Re: Need New Arrows For Recurve
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2017, 09:20:18 AM »
Take your bow to a good local shop to check if it's usable or a wall hanger.If its not torqued and shootable the tech can determine your LOP.The bow might be rated 50#'s at 28"s but you might be at 30/31.Thats going to require a stiffer spined arrow.There are lots of arrow choices but everyone has to learn the combo that works for them.I have a '70s Kodiac that killed a few elk but I had to be 10 yrds or closer cause the speed was like 160 fps.The first few I shot at jumped the string @30 yrds.We didnt have range finders so I got close enough to count the whiskers on their faces.I crawled for miles and stayed on a herd til I could arrow anything legal.Meat hunting on public ground isnt pretty or easy and now (40 yrs later)darn near impossible with the crowds spooking them by stomping around.Good luck on using your old bow but I'd frame it for decoration.

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Re: Need New Arrows For Recurve
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2017, 09:28:38 AM »
Get one of those old arrows out. Put a close pin a few inches from the tip. Draw the bow so your middle finger is anchored in the corner of your mouth like a fish hook eat that finger. Make sure you are not feeling the knuckle of your thumb. Adjust cloths pin until it just touches the front of the riser when you achieve full draw. Measure your draw length. Now go to a pro shop somewhere and have them check the draw weight of your bow at your draw length. Add 1-2 inches of length to your draw this is your arrow length. For every inch over 28 add 5# of spine for every 25 grains of tip weight over 125 add 5# of spine. If you are under 28 subtract 5 # per inch. Remember you need arrow weight to get through a elk with a stick bow. I like 540 minimum. I think aluminum arrows are your best choice carbon are fine but take some tinkering. I use spruce but that takes a lot of tinkering.
 So let's look at some hypothetical combos to help you better understand. Let's say you draw 28 3/4, and the draw weight of your bow is 53# @ your draw length and you are gonna shoot a 30 inch arrow. We needs to add 10# to 53 so now we are at 63. A easton or beman 500 spine is really close to 60# spine so with a 125grn tip you could tune that arrow with the shelf and brace height. That arrow. Would be lite side for me. A 2018 aluminum is about 70# spine so shoot a 125 grain glue on broadhead like a zwicky with a broadband adapter 45grns and that would be perfect. Please don't be discouraged by pcals post. Get lots of good practice that set up would kill a elk no problem. Tune your bow so it not noisy. Get out of the truck put boot to dirt you do not need to be 10yards unless that is as far as you can shoot and hold 6" group. Good luck


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