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Re: PLEASE READ: H-W Forum Has Been Updated & Improved!
« Reply #25 on: November 17, 2017, 01:27:48 PM »
H-W Forum Has Been Updated & Improved
The goal is for every member to have the best experience possible on Hunting-Washington Forum!

The forum has been redesigned with a focus on outdoor related topics and an emphasis is being made to encourage friendly conversation! Speak to others as you want to be spoken to! Members are encouraged to share their stories and photos, and to ask questions. Do not bash newcomers for asking questions!

Please use the "Report to Moderator" button on the right side of any post when you see a comment that is trashing stories, photos, questions asking for help, or the forum. Moderators will request that members reword their comments and/or remove negative comments when we see them. Reminder: Members need to report trashy comments because the moderator team can't read everything. All reports will be reviewed.

Additional boards with non-outdoor related topics are still available if you choose to view them. Be advised that by choosing to view these boards you are agreeing that you want to view unrelated content and any controversial discussions that may arise and you further agree you will opt out if you feel upset at any time!

Virtual Campfire: All Around Friendly Conversation! (which includes all sorts of topics often totally unrelated to hunting)
Off-Topics: Unrelated News and Controversial Topics. Fully moderated but parental discretion is advised!

Another Reminder:
Friendly conversation is expected in all boards! Trashing the forum or senseless drama will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately!

You can "JOIN" or "LEAVE" either of the above forum boards at any time on this page:;area=groupmembership;u

Ignoring Other Boards
If you dislike any other board on the entire forum you can "Ignore" remove any board on this page:;area=ignoreboards

Ignoring Other Members
If you dislike any member and do not want to view their comments you can "Ignore" remove any member on this page:;area=lists;sa=ignore;u

The forum has been reset to emphasize outdoor topics and a friendly atmosphere. Each member has total control over what content they view and which members they see comments from. The moderator team will continue to identify ways to improve the forum. We wish every member the very best experience possible.

Cheers & Good Hunting,
H-W Forum Management
Giving this a bump.  I don't think everyone realizes that the virtual campfire is now an opt in board that you won't see unless you join.
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