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Author Topic: Phantoms  (Read 1360 times)

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« on: October 14, 2007, 11:27:14 AM »
We were on a hillside that split a long clear cut in half and focused on working the tree line.  To the right it went uphill with a couple small tables and to the left it went down to a large table.  Lots of big-ish tracks on the hills above each of those tables and behind us.  Was hoping for a cut off.  We had a low screen/tarp type blind stretched in a curve across our left lane of fire and some timber stumps and crap covered our front and right.  It was a bunker almost.  We heard a lot calling in the area.  Primarily a couple deer vocalized in the trees to our 1-2 O'clock but that's the hole in my game this year is knowing a male/young male from a female just by hearing them.  I'm not good at calling yet.  When the deer seemed farther out I immitated what I could.  I decided I liked one call better than the other when I was able to create some interest and the deer followed my sounds.  I didn't call a lot but I do think my last response was the wrong one.  We lost the connection.  I'm just not speaking the language yet.  (Night school maybe.  Foreign exchange. ;) )  I liked immitating though.  I'll cue up some MP3's and practice before next weekend.  Less is more and I only want to learn a few "words".  Around lunch It had been slow but we had one coming in that really liked a couple responses I'd made so I put my gun in my lap and set my base.  We lost that first one I'd drew in so I called even less for the second. That was good I think and this guy was definately interested but our area had some other pressures...he vanished.  Rifle down. :'( Maybe we were made.  So it was awesome!  Came home early to touch base with you guys, listen to some deer sounds, regroup.  I felt pretty good about our effort.  We were going to hunt today but issues with my vehicle got us heading home last night.  All for the best.  Next weekend it's on again.  What's the angle on hunting timber land?  I kinda think our clear cut was too recently cut.  It all looked good but there all always ?'s in hind site.
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