Author Topic: Duplicity in the wolf debate  (Read 3978 times)

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Re: Duplicity in the wolf debate
« Reply #100 on: September 26, 2017, 09:20:37 PM »
Here are some problems you/CNW face. (You may already recognise this).  What has CNW done for sportsmen? WHY SHOULD WE TRUST CNW when it's founder gone through 3  reinventions/names and has no sportsmen Chops? What are we giving to get with CNW?

All we have heard from you is sportsmen have to compromise or else.... some other big bad Org is Gonna blow our house down, but CNW can soften the blow.... We are a bunch of skeptics so give us your best pitch...  So far all we have heard is a reason to go easy on CNW... Why should I give a hoot about Your org?
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Re: Duplicity in the wolf debate
« Reply #101 on: September 27, 2017, 05:57:41 AM »
Chase -does CNW support trapping and poisoning, the only proven methods endorsed by experienced and educatiated Wildlife managers /bios,to control the exploding wolf populations? It is scientifically proven to be The only  method in the world the past 150 years to control exploding wolf populations

Does CNW endorse shutting and limiting hunting to aid wolf populations to grow? The ended and limited tags in Montana Idaho Wyoming BC Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan because wolves severely ddimished native game populations

Does CNW support all lawful sport hunting that have a long tradition in American culture?

Will CNW pubically partner with hunting outfitters like they have other groups?

Does CNW have close affiliations with any anti hunting groups?

Does CNW think 500 or more wolves in Washington is acceptable ?

Is twenty five per cent growth rates of wolves per year healthy in states with dwindling moose, mountain carribou and elk and mule deer populations?

Will you as a spokesman State that you support prohunting organizations like SCI, NRA, RMEF, ruffed grouse society, ducks unlimited and will CNW partner with them like they have with virulent anti hunting organizations ?

Did your Director , Mitch Friedman ,spike trees that injured poor hard working loggers engaged in a lawful industry that provided materials to build homes for millions of middle class Americans

Will you proudly post a pic of you and the mule deer you just shot- your face visible, on the CNW Facebook page for all your supposedly pro hunting members to see? I see lots of non hunting photos on there and anti hunting rhetoric. If not why?

As CNW spokesperson  simple yes or no answers for the sportsmen on here
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Re: Duplicity in the wolf debate
« Reply #102 on: September 27, 2017, 03:36:42 PM »
There is a study that I think Wacoyote posted on here in the past that showed roughly half the moose mortality is from ticks and almost half from wolves. I think it was probably an honest study and I believe it.

But here's the deal, mortality is double in areas with wolves than just ticks, this will bring down the moose population further and also cause recovery of moose populations to take much longer if ever in our lifetimes.

You can't blame all the moose decline on ticks, it's wolves too! And combined they are really hammering the moose!  :twocents:
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