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Is it time to push for a new system, draw, alternating year, etc?


Author Topic: Washington State Mule Deer Hunting Future (poll)  (Read 10800 times)

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Re: Washington State Mule Deer Hunting Future (poll)
« Reply #250 on: December 07, 2017, 06:45:15 PM »
I don't see why wdfw can't put a bounty on coyotes and other predators that may be hurting our mule deer,with more of open season on some also other states don't seem to have a problem.

If Washington for wildlife can't get a permit to run an online derby for bragging rights in a timely manner... What makes you think a bounty system has a snow cones chance in Hell?

Just another example of our great state at work,you can thank some of the anti hunting people for wdfw lack of wanting coyote derby. :twocents:

I think this artical is a few years old ,can explain why wdfw might drag there feet on your derby.

 :bash:  just go out and kill Em without a derby. :twocents:

 Genius! :chuckle:

I know, itís tough sometimes being so practical, and smart. :chuckle:

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Re: Washington State Mule Deer Hunting Future (poll)
« Reply #251 on: December 07, 2017, 07:01:03 PM »
For those of you that actually think baiting and/or hound use will EVER be allowed in this state again.

Yep phool, I,m afraid its true, we probably won't see hound hunting again until maulings, attacks and such start to occur :dunno:, and the public demands that something be done and even then who knows :dunno:, bears and cougar have already populated to the point they are showing up in neighborhoods and other higher "people" populated areas and the majority seems to think they are "so cute" and "how cool" etc. etc. etc. :bash:

@bigmacc your inbox is full.


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Re: Washington State Mule Deer Hunting Future (poll)
« Reply #252 on: December 14, 2017, 05:51:47 AM »
This is the 1st time in my 37 year hunting career that I have not notched a WA deer tag, not for lack of trying.
I voted no, and am sticking with it.........until I see a comprehensive plan.

There are multiple issues affecting the MD herds, addressing 1 or 2 of them (doe harvest/ every other year hunting) etc. is not the fixall  IMO.

I believe the vast majority of these issues (wolves is not one of them) can be achieved with a bit of coming together from all sides/positions of each issue. If all sides are willing to give a little, I feel that all sides can get a bit of what will make them happy, and more importantly, will benefit the herds in the long run.

I have what I believe is a well thought out plan, but it is still bouncing around in my head, I work 2 jobs and am trying to find the time to get it all compiled on paper.

Here are a couple of glimpses;
Some do not want to give up multi permits. They need to go bye bye, too much additional pressure.

Reduce time afield for all user groups. Allows all an opportunity to hunt, but takes away additional pressure/harvest.

Taking pressure off 1 herd (ie Methow) will only put more pressure on others (robbing Peter to pay Paul.)  :bash:

Reduce Late permit quotas. Cant keep taking out the good breeders

Stopping all antlerless(doe) hunts will only serve to overpopulate holding capacities of limited habitat.

That is only a very small portion of issues that need to be addressed, (and that are still in my head) :chuckle:

Wolves is one of the problems. We just have not seen it yet.....

Wolves are the number one problem, then cougars, coyotes and spring bears on the fawning grounds.

It's getting to the point that those who "can't see it", won't have a choice.

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Re: Washington State Mule Deer Hunting Future (poll)
« Reply #253 on: December 22, 2017, 08:30:29 AM »
In my opinion acts of nature such as bad winters and disease outbreaks cause the biggest reductions in ungulate numbers. Predators including humans, cougar, coyotes, bear, and wolves have a constant impact and can prevent herds from ever reaching their potential, but most importantly too many predators can prevent herds from quickly rebounding after acts of nature reduce herd numbers.

Currently there are so many other predators in WA that a reduction of buck or bull hunting by humans is probably not going to cause herds to rebound that much quicker. However, I'm in favor of eliminating doe/cow hunting to help herds rebound because it's commonly known, increase antlerless harvest to reduce herd numbers, reduce antlerless harvest to allow herds to grow.

WDFW cougar harvest objectives are based very conservatively on historic harvest numbers. The problem is that there are probably two to three times as many cougar than there were when hound hunting was open. Therefore to achieve an equal harvest percentage two or three times as many cougar need to be taken than the historic average in WA. Due to low fur prices coyote harvest is down and coyote numbers have grown, bear numbers have grown after hounds and baiting was halted, and wolves have been added to the landscape. There is no way for herds to rebound quickly even if hunters quit hunting bucks and bulls all together.

To rebound herds quicker antlerless harvest should be eliminated and predator numbers need to be reduced!  :twocents:

I voted "no". I think eliminating annual buck and bull hunting opportunities will only reduce the number of hunters in Washington and do little to replenish herds.
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Re: Washington State Mule Deer Hunting Future (poll)
« Reply #254 on: December 24, 2017, 06:40:23 PM »
I voted no simply because there are other alternatives. I maybe nieve but I think our liscense fees do help with conservation.

1. Transparency on what our hunting fees are spent on, including a vehicle for hunters to vote on major projects.
2. Proactive forest management instead of reactive increasing habitat and survival rates
3.  Allow dogs for bear and cougar
4. Delist wolves


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