Author Topic: Does anyone actually rinse their deer with a hose after it has been skinned?WHY?  (Read 2607 times)

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I will put water in a bowl and then a cup or two of white vinegar. I then take a clean towel and dunk it in the bowl then ring it out and wipe the animal down.  This really helps to clean any hair or crud off the animal, I also believe it helps to tack it up faster. Our animals always end up very clean this way and nicely tacked up. I refuse to hose it down and get it soaking wet unless it's just cleaning the cavity on a gut punched deer.
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I do.
It's mostly to make absolutely sure every piece of hair or dirt is cleaned off.
That is why I do it anyways.
It only takes a few minutes and it's not like you wash away the flavor.
I see benefits with no downside.


I don't leave them hanging wet though.  I take towels and wipe them dry afterword. 
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I prefer to hang them dry and brush off any hair.   Hosing them off is a last resort if things get really messy with a gut shot animal.

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I usually rinse my quarters before processing. Quick rinse then blot dry.
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I use lots and lots of water. No negative to keeping your meat clean through out the whole process.
I'm not sure.

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I have always rinsed well with a hose and it works great to get all the hairs you miss and any blood left. I don't see a problem with it and not everyone is an expert at skinning animals. As long as they are taking care of there meat properly than its fine.
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Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

Seriously though, yes I do hose it down to clean up.  Never had any issues.
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We rinse our deer because it goes in our walk-in and it just keeps things cleaner. The elk we hang in camp never get rinsed
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I would if I had it hanging whole somewhere near a hose but that has never been the case.

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If the opportunity presents itself I do.   Dried blood, hair dirt, whatever ...gone.   

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always have, to get hair off, clean it, etc, then dry them and hang in the cooler, or cover if still at camp. Never had a problem with deer, bear, antelope.

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I prefer to hang them dry and brush off any hair.   Hosing them off is a last resort if things get really messy with a gut shot animal.

We will use the pressure washer on my toy hauler if the guts have been opened.  If not I prefer to hang em up and dry and wipe the blood off with a towel (if there are many hairs I use a bone scraper or wad of burlap to whisk the hair off) before slipping a game bag over them. 

Bone scraper:

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I always hose, scrub and towel off all my game animals especially in warmer weather.  I get every spot of blood, hair, dirt, etc.  I want that carcass pristine!  I also put a fan on it to cool it down faster and get that protective crust.  I cut up all my own deer but if you want to piss off your butcher bring him a dirty animal with hair all over it.
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forgot to mention the fan, I have one going where I hang the deer,hogs, cows etc in an insulated shop.  That dries things up nicely and help cools it down.  The water also helps cool the carcass down initially and continues cooling as the water evaporates off the carcass with the fan. 

I don't have a walk in cooler yet, any cooling I can get helps.

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I've used a hose on a rare occasion but almost always wife down with white vinegar diluted a little with water or citric acid and water.  Always been afraid of the bacteria associated with rinsing down, which will spawn much faster if not dried properly.  I have it in my mind that the vinegar kills bacteria, pulls blood from the shot up areas and balances the guts and grime out...
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