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Author Topic: elk in vail tree farm  (Read 2256 times)

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Re: elk in vail tree farm
« Reply #25 on: November 30, 2017, 05:20:52 PM »
You need to call it in then and have the WDFW wait for them at the gate. They can take a body temp on the deer and know when it was shot.
you obviously didn't read my post...i have called WDFW and they really don't give a rip about what is going on up far as taking a body temp to me that is absoluty useless.  Let me create a scenerio for you...i'm hunting vail and legally shoot an elk right at last light...for whatever reason the shot is not lethal (too far away, wrong angle, buck fever-Whatever).  i look for the bull with a flashlight for a while but it's evident i won't find it and head home to be out of the permit area within the 1 1/2 hour after legal light designation.  abiding by the permit rules i head out of the area and go back in the next morning to try and find the bull...i find it dead the next morning 300 yards from where i shot it the previous night.  its all stiffened (rigormortised) up and tag it and haul it out.  Mr. Green Jeans stops me coming out and puts a thermometer in the bull...WDFW officer Haw looks at the thermometer and tells me the bull died 8 hours ago.  Does this mean i poached/killed him at midnight or i made a bad shot on him and he finally died at midnight ?  the thermometer trick would hold no weight in court IMHO beacuse it would show when the animal died (maybe) not when i made a legal shot on it..Like any other scientific information questions would arise---what type of thermometer was used ? how was it calibrated ?  what temperature/humidity/altitude/moon phase was it calibrated at ?  what was the temperature/humidity/altitude/moon phase was it when i legally shot the bull ?  Hell that bull i shot was a wapiti "superman" and survived for hours after i lethally shot it
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Re: elk in vail tree farm
« Reply #26 on: November 30, 2017, 05:49:25 PM »
 :chuckle:  Its a joke up there guys.  All for a chance to shoot a spike.  Elk are in a few spots for sure and it can be good/bad.  Most always they are close to escaping to private/closed areas when you find em.  We don't bother with Vail around here much.  Just watch all the others drive in/out all times of day/night and the others sneaking in around perimeters.  Same ol crap different day.  It was amazing when open and I was a kid.   :twocents:
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