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Author Topic: @#$&^* other peoples trucks! (Rant to follow)  (Read 1412 times)

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@#$&^* other peoples trucks! (Rant to follow)
« on: October 18, 2007, 04:10:18 PM »
I'm so mad right now... Had plans to leave tonight to catch the rest of the weekend for Eastside Modern.  My partner whose rig we WERE taking is TU!  He expects it to be operational tomorrow, but who really knows.
This truck of his was "such a great deal" he couldn't pass it up.  He's done nothing but pour money into it.  Last month when we were grouse hunting we had a late start because he had to put balljoints in the front end.

My boss just left...I could have sneaked out and been on my way, damn near an hour early!

I know I should just drive myself, but I don't have my Sube this weekend, besides its the wifes car and she doesn't like driving my beater commuter.  I guess I gotta get a truck by next year.  Gotta pay those student loans off!  I seems as though all the world is conspiring against me this season.  I better see more than just does tomorrow!
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