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Elk Hunting / Re: New Mexico Draw - Results
« Last post by Todd_ID on Today at 12:27:56 AM »
Early archery tag for me! Unit 6A. I can't possibly wait!
Elk Hunting / Re: Crash and burn
« Last post by carpsniperg2 on Yesterday at 11:47:51 PM »
 :yeah: looked legit to me. We had a bull/beef do that and snapped his jaw, we thought he broke his neck but end result was the same had to get a bullet. Fences get a lot of critters.
Elk Hunting / Re: Crash and burn
« Last post by huntnphool on Yesterday at 11:40:45 PM »
 Looks like a legit snapped neck to me.
Deer Hunting / Re: Weyerhaeuser access
« Last post by MonstroMuley on Yesterday at 11:04:39 PM »
Biggest Deer saw @ Kapowsin was a 4 pt just past the main gate entrance standing in the attendants front lawn on opening day 2016.  Drove and hiked back all over on many of the side and skid roads and saw alot of Deer sign and plenty of Big Bulls during the season, but no Blacktails.  One guy shot a Bobcat.

Thing about Hancock Kapowsin Area (aside from High Permit Fee) is there are posted signs in the re-prod areas where they list the herbicide chemicals (like Element 4 [Triclopyr ButoOxy-"Yada-Yada" Ester]) and recent application dates they used to spray to suppress weed growth and brush vegetation around the sapling Doug Fir Trees to give 'em a chance to grow faster (Sustained-Yield Forestry Practices ... I guess?).  We ran into alot of areas like that in Kapowsin.  That got us to thinking about what the Deer and Elk are eating in those same areas?  That opened up a whole can of worms  ... if they're spraying re-prod in Western WA where else are they spraying across the state? Gets you thinking and researching Forestry Practices in the areas you're hunting.  So what do the Livers of those Kapowsin Deer and Elk look like?  Makes one wonder if you have a successful hunt, what are you really eating?  Would be interesting to hear from a WDFW Bio to get an opinion?
Switched back to EWA Hunting after seeing that!     

Used to hunt the Cowlitz WildLife Area and be-friended the local Morton Guyz who knew all the back roads and prime hunting areas ... they spoke highly of the Vail Unit and applied most years ...
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: 50 cal Knight Bighorn
« Last post by Euro mount on Yesterday at 10:58:22 PM »
Why you selling it?
Out Of State Hunting / Re: Nevada
« Last post by GurrCentral on Yesterday at 10:54:31 PM »
I'm for desert and cali sheep, and bought a point for deer. Good luck all!
Other Classifieds / Re: 18' alumaweld flat bottom guide series 12,500 obo
« Last post by Euro mount on Yesterday at 10:53:24 PM »
No one said anything about getting rid of all the predators.
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: Hogue 700 long action stocks
« Last post by Oh Mah on Yesterday at 10:40:31 PM »
ok last question are they both identical? (same color)
Elk Hunting / Re: Crash and burn
« Last post by PlateauNDN on Yesterday at 10:21:31 PM »
It's possible. There was a monster bull that died just like that in Minnesota I believe about 8 or 9 years ago. Tripped over fence and got stuck upside down in snow until a guy came buy and got him unstuck and upright but the bull must laid down and eventually died. He was allowed to keep the bull by fish and game.
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