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I have been hunting Washington state with little success for about 5-6 years now. I put the time in scouting, setting trail cams and do my research but have at this point only harvested one doe. I grew up hunting in Illinois but as you can imagine the country is very different and blackmail and elk are very different from whitetail. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to hunt with someone or a group that has experience hunting big game in western Washington, especially around Bellingham GMUs 407 and 448.
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: WTS Original Mauser Mdl 3000 in 243 win.
« Last post by vaz,,66 on Yesterday at 11:57:06 PM »
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: Ruger gunsite scout
« Last post by GrampasGuns on Yesterday at 11:07:02 PM »
I wouldn't call the gun light but man it's well built.

Excellent Blacktail gun imo.
Deer Hunting / Re: My wife's second successful Desert Tag
« Last post by Joe Rothrock on Yesterday at 10:52:19 PM »
      Thanks so much for all the great comments from so many great people on this site. It sounds like all of you are just as jacked up as I am when it comes to women and kids out hunting.
      Deer Skin on this site asked for some pics of her 2008 desert buck. They say the camera adds 10 years, but this time it subtracted. Go figure!
Bird Dogs / Re: Looking for a new hunting dog
« Last post by Muleycrazy01 on Yesterday at 10:51:44 PM »
Canít go wrong with a German wiredhair pointer from Jeff and Heidi over at Three Devils Kennels, absolute bird crazy dogs.
Power Equipment & RV / Re: The Lot Monroe
« Last post by ridgefire on Yesterday at 10:47:23 PM »
i bought a rig from them and had a great experience. Really easy to work with and zero pressure to buy.
Deer Hunting / Re: 574/ wind river late buck
« Last post by dilleytech on Yesterday at 10:39:00 PM »
Thanks for the pms. Itís very helpful.
Muzzleloader Hunting / Re: Changing things up...
« Last post by TriggerMike on Yesterday at 10:34:40 PM »
I agree. Green is way better than red for the front sight.
Elk Hunting / Re: Colockum Zoo
« Last post by TriggerMike on Yesterday at 10:32:38 PM »
My dad hunted the clockum  in the 60's and 70's said there were more camps and people than there are now up there
I wonder how crazy it must have been then if that was the case.  Anyone have stories from back then?
I imagine it was as crazy as much of the wetside back in 70's and 80's.  Stories could go on for quite a bit, really sounded like the wild west. crazy as the behavior was and having tons more sure seemed like lots more elk were getting put in the dirt.
Probably why it's been spike only on the Eastside for the last 25 years.
Trapping / Re: Lewis County - Beaver trapping - anyone interested?
« Last post by trapperguy22 on Yesterday at 10:29:44 PM »
I would be interested I live in Napavine. I will be gone next week so I could start the week of the 26th.
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