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Title: Central Wa Gobbler
Post by: kevinlisa06 on July 11, 2017, 06:18:15 PM
Well hoping I can get the picture to post on this guy. I decided to take a run over to the Central part of the state this season. Saw lots of Elk and heard a couple bugles which is always good. Anyways after not locating birds for quite a few days my dad finally heard a few gobbles and tried to lure him in with no luck. The next morning we headed back into the same area and he started gobbling like crazy so after the lightning and thunder were over I put a sneak on. I covered the 3/4 of a mile pretty quick then got up to the same elevation as him. Proceeded to move in, i got to bout 50yards from him. Made 2 calls and he come right to me I took the only clean shot he gave me and that was at about 10-12 yards. 16 pounds 7/8"spurs and 8" beard. Mossberg 835 12ga 3" Federal HW 7 shot.(

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Title: Re: Central Wa Gobbler
Post by: WaltAlpine on July 11, 2017, 10:42:05 PM
Nice work!!!

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