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Billy Burger for an Alien Burger, tots and a peanut butter milkshake.... Mmmmmm
Virtual Campfire / Re: S@#% Dog is hurt
« Last post by DoubleJ on Today at 07:57:28 AM »
If he does need surgery, check out Sun Valley Animal Center in Idaho.  My springer tore his cranial cruciate ligament a little over a year ago.  The price of TPLO surgery in the Seattle area was over $4000.  I had it done at SVAC for about half that.  Even with gas and lodging, you still come out well ahead.

BTW, the main vet there is Dr. Randy Acker who is very well respected. His two daughters, Maggie and Amber, are also vets who work at the center and do surgeries for less money than their dad.

Thank you for the info.  That's a 12hr drive from where I am but it's good to know there is an option in my price range.  Man, this sucks.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a good check up tomorrow

Make the drive. Nobody else knows what they are doing around here. Get ready for six weeks on walking on lead then, swimming. Rehabbed our dog last year. He's good as new now.

Did you get it done at Sun Valley too?  What was the cost?

And I guess if this was going to happen, now is an ok time since it'll start to warm up when he would need to start swimming
Virtual Campfire / Re: Outdoor Themed Movies?
« Last post by JimmyHoffa on Today at 07:55:53 AM »
The Bear
Killing Season
I drove to Iowa last fall. It's a long drive. Scenery is fine until you get past the black hills then have another two days of nothingness. I'd call an RV dealer and ask for a recommendation on a transport. I'd bet you can get it here for $2000. My buddy bought a 24' Grady white and the guy put the boat and trailer on a trailer and delivered it to him for $2,300.
well after a lil look into wilbur,I found out there had been some crop circles found there,Oh Im in now...Smart neighbors :chuckle:
that's just it,there is no together.hunters just cannot get together on these issues and help the entire sport.its always my group my my my.hunters group against hunter group orv against horse against hiker against boater against jet skier against bird watcher against jeeper.  :bash:
I'm fine with allowing more and more gadgets into modern firearm, even support loosening up the regs on some of the stuff WDFW prohibits now.  That's where all the hunting methods are covered--bow, crossbows for some, shotguns, scoped/209 muzzies, etc.  But I think the special seasons should be for those who need a little edge to compete with the masses.  There's a guy on here that posts nearly every year about shooting deer/elk at 90+ yds with a bow.  I can't say for the eastside, but wetside imo he should be running in the modern season.  Doesn't seem like he needs the special season to make up for equipment range limitations.  Essentially, it is turning into a form of getting to hunt with modern gear away from the modern crowd.
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: WTS .44 Magnum
« Last post by TheSkyBuster on Today at 07:53:08 AM »
I take it you were not interested in my trade? 🙁

Sorry,  I'm not looking for another .44 mag.    I'm selling this one because I currently have 4
Virtual Campfire / Re: Favorite whiskey
« Last post by Happy Gilmore on Today at 07:51:52 AM »

Really good

How I forgot Blantons??? Love Blantons. Definitely a top favorite.
Virtual Campfire / Re: Mel's Hole?
« Last post by rosscrazyelk on Today at 07:51:40 AM »
I click on the link and it is deleted. Can you tell us more about this place?
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: For Sale - 10 Pmags $90
« Last post by Fungunnin on Today at 07:51:18 AM »
I've got 10 more if you are interested. 

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