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Fishing / Re: Upper Columbia chinooks
« Last post by C-Money on Today at 09:37:22 PM »
Oh man, thats some great fishing!
Bow Hunting / Re: NWMC Steven's Pass Roll Call!
« Last post by brocka on Today at 09:34:32 PM »
Thanks from the whole crew to everyone that showed up and shot. These things are alot of work but reading positive messages like these make it easy!

Cant wait for next year!

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Bow Hunting / Re: NWMC Steven's Pass Roll Call!
« Last post by MtnMuley on Today at 09:31:50 PM »
As always, Tyler, Brock, and crew put on an unbelievable course. Can't emphasize enough how grateful I am that we have something like the NWMC right here in WA. It's such a killer event  and fun for all ages. Only complaint is all the morons last night that thought they were good with a bugle tube at 11pm. If any of you are on here I've got a news flash for suck, keep practicing, but let's try and respect the other 500 people camped there trying to sleep. Especially those with little ones. Besides the rude Jack wagons with the bugle tubes, I cant say a single bad thing about the weekend :tup:

Are you saying I need to switch from these new AMP diaphrams then? :chuckle:
Muzzleloader Hunting / Re: Federal Premium Bor Lock
« Last post by Rem14 on Today at 09:28:49 PM »
Love these things.270 gr. Won't use anything else. Very easy to load shot after shot and very accurate. Have not used on Elk, but all the deer have dropped on the spot. The picture shows 2 recovered bullets, both preformed as advertised. One retained the base the other did not. These are the only ones I have recovered from 1/2 dozen deer.
Other Classifieds / Re: Leica Televid 77 spotting scope
« Last post by BKMFR on Today at 09:25:40 PM »
Great guy to deal with, Spotting scope was accurately described... nice smooth deal.
Thanks Mike!
Deer Hunting / Re: My Best's been a great year
« Last post by Dan-o on Today at 09:19:34 PM »
I would hate to shoot that buck.....................

knowing that I'd just shot the biggest Whitetail of my life and it was all down hill from there......

That thing is such  a beast............

(and yes, beautiful work)
Fishing / Re: Upper Columbia chinooks
« Last post by 3nails on Today at 09:19:32 PM »
 Great fishing!
All Other Gear / Re: Kids backpacking pack
« Last post by 7mmfan on Today at 09:15:45 PM »
@jackelope had one for sale on here just the other day.
Elk Hunting / Re: Accessing the east side from the west
« Last post by Dan-o on Today at 09:15:15 PM »
You don't need to notify anyone.

Simply hunt legally.

If you have an E Wa tag, hunt there.  How you access it does not matter.
Bow Hunting / Re: Elk Hunting Arrow
« Last post by spudder1982 on Today at 09:13:33 PM »
I have been doing a lot of studying to maximize my own setup for me. That said, I still am learning.   My max kinetic energy  is if I shoot a 430 grains arrow and increases my momentum over what I shot last year.  This year will be at 427 grains, pulling 62 lbs at 28 inch draw length.  Last year my arrow was 385 and did not have the dollars to put into different arrows and had those dialed in.  Got a pass through on my elk.  Good placement wins but the extra arrow weight helps when it does go perfect.  For me I like to be a bit faster for a flatter trajectory so to help in accuracy if my distance is off a bit. 
Confidence goes a long ways and if you are comfortable with your setup keep it.  You have plenty of weight to get the job done.
There are a bunch of ke and momentum calculators online if you want to play with numbers to see the best weights for ke and momentum.
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