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Deer Hunting / Re: a good one
« Last post by elkrack on Today at 09:58:45 PM »
That buck has character!

I was just looking through your 2017 calendar and was wondering how the 2020 calendar was coming along. That buck looks like he could be a cover buck contender  :tup:
Deer Hunting / Re: Dont know where to hunt, my spot was logged!
« Last post by Meathunter06 on Today at 09:55:10 PM »
Hell have of the spots i used to hunt are now housing developments :'(

Delbert Jepson ~ President of the Intermountain Fur Harvesters Association pass away today ~ 11.12.2019

Delbert is leaving some big shoes to fill.  He is well known throughout the Fur Industry
President ~ Intermountain Fur Harvesters Association
Board of Directors for Idaho Trappers Association
Member of Washington State Trappers Association

Put together and ran the Intermountain Fur Harvesters Association Fur Sales ~  (This coming year sale is schedule for March 27-28 2020)
Helped and ran the Idaho Trappers Association Fur Sale ~  (This coming year sale is schedule for March 13-14 2020)

Good guy to all, he will be missed
Good by my friend, Until we meet again, Happy Trails

Waterfowl / Re: Distance and Decoys
« Last post by spadebit on Today at 09:48:47 PM »
I recently went full moron and brought way too much.
Granted this was smaller moving water and there was a group of maybe 12 I bumped.  My big mistake was that those birds came back faster than I expected and was putting out decoys while this happened which resulted in never getting a shot.
Next time Im bringing 6 decoys max and setting up quick when I bump a smaller group like that?

I tend to over think this stuff so I appreciate the input.
Thanks for the input. 
Other Classifieds / 2015 Aprilia Caponord 1200 travel pack
« Last post by bwiede on Today at 09:34:53 PM »
Hey guys !

Looking to sell my Aprilia as I just donít ride it anymore.
Approx 4K miles , bought it from original owner (buddies dad).
Bike has R&G sliders,bar ends,radiator grille,and tail has Givi windscreen,factory comfort saddle.
Now the only downside is I dropped the bike pulling out of my driveway .This resulted
In a nice scratch in one of the saddle bags but itís not cracked and does not leak.the bike still runs out true and rides very well. Has a lot of cool options, factory comfort saddle,dynamic suspension that adjusts on the fly for either cruising or canyon carving,heated grips, cruise control and the great sound of an Italian V-twin.

Looking for 7000$ OBO
Trades may be considered slide in truck camper ,aluminum boat, or maybe even a hunting rig ?
Call or text Brenden for more info/pics
Waterfowl / Re: Distance and Decoys
« Last post by Mfowl on Today at 09:28:39 PM »
If your spot is on the X and the birds want to go there anyway then a few decoys could work just fine. If you are trying to traffic passing birds it may require many more. Other things like pull strings and spinning wings can boost your visibility without packing a lot of extra decoys. I have a tendency to bring too much, always!
All Other Gear / Dog boxes
« Last post by bwiede on Today at 09:26:06 PM »
Hey guys !

Looking into getting a triple dog box as having my GSPís (all three lol) in the cab for a trip is a bit much ,even two is proving difficult as one is only a 5 month old pup.Just curious what everyoneís experiences are and what they would do different/things to look for etc. I am currently looking into Ainley fabrication boxes as they are top notch but a bit high priced, and they are booked out for pretty much a year and donít know if I can wait that long .
Any local fabricators who make a quality product ? Iím located about an hour north of Everett.

Thanks !
Weapons & Ammo Classifieds / Re: Early Christmas giveaway for a kid
« Last post by Malitia T. on Today at 09:25:36 PM »
Henry my boy who will turn 7 tomorrow will take 41 please.   
Deer Hunting / Re: Regulations clarification
« Last post by Mulie87 on Today at 09:25:28 PM »
Deer Hunting / Re: Regulations clarification
« Last post by Mulie87 on Today at 09:24:35 PM »

Great Youtube video on skinning a head.
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