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Weapons & Parts Classifieds / Re: Big AR package for sale
« Last post by asmith on Today at 10:21:01 AM »
July 1st is almost here.  The time to buy is now.

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Advocacy, Agencies, Access / Re: Itís a beautiful thingÖ
« Last post by duckmen1 on Today at 09:58:47 AM »
By code standards....... it's not considered petal assist if it is under this wattage on battery to where these ebikes are harder then you ebike haters think. I can ride anywhere I please.  :sry:
Is your bike considered an e-bike? The sign says no e-bikes and no pedal assist.

This was a joke Jackalope.  :chuckle:  since I see this sort of thing happen all the time on timber companies and such as I am out in the woods that are clearly posted. I ride a standard mt bike and then come around the corner and here come ebikes. Then I pop up on the e bike threads and hear all the comments about who feels they are exempt and who doesn't with their ebikes. They are cool in a way. But no I don't own one. First they are not legal where I hunt and I don't pretend they are like others do. Second they are so crazy expensive. Not for me.
What barrel contour?

This should fit a heavy contour barrel. I screwed my rem 700 long range into it when I got it and it fit nicely. I can take some measurements if you need
Advocacy, Agencies, Access / Re: Itís a beautiful thingÖ
« Last post by follow maggie on Today at 09:52:33 AM »
I saw this last night & left it alone, but I got some popcorn because I knew the mines exempt & the rules donít apply crowd was going to come out
Elk Hunting / Re: Rifle Shooting Course
« Last post by buckfvr on Today at 09:51:16 AM »
So, if you can off hand 100 yards but miss at 200, your limit is 100 ?? :o  What is your limit as I doubt many guys can make a 300 yard off hand shot there for limiting themselves to 200 yards by your method? 

Im guessing off hand is the weakest position for the majority of hunters and Ive read surveys that indicate the compromised position is the most oft used position by hunters, meaning they take advantage of what they can, stumps, rocks, branches, etc. 

If you have already satisfactorily dialed in your rifle from prone or bench, then if youre a paper plate type of guy, go for it.  Im not.  Never have bought into the paper plate pie pan bs in my whole life.   :twocents:
Elk Hunting / Re: Rifle Shooting Course
« Last post by 87Ford on Today at 09:45:38 AM »
Maybe you're looking for something like this?
Elk Hunting / Re: Rifle Shooting Course
« Last post by hunter399 on Today at 09:30:25 AM »
If your wanting DIY advise.
All shots standing ,no rest.
Go to 100 yards shoot a paper plate,hit it .
Move back 200 yard,hit it,
300 yard ,hit it.
You get the idea.
When you miss ,that's your range,and where you need to practice.
Just my  :twocents:

Out Of State Hunting / Re: North Dakota deer
« Last post by follow maggie on Today at 09:24:17 AM »
I donít know why they make it so hard. A non resident can get an archery white tail tag over the counter. They're not limited. But non resident archery mule deer tags are limited 15 percent of the total mule deer gun season licenses made available during the previous year. I donít know if there are many white tails in the badlands. Iíve wanted to go here for a long time & was going to go last year, but there was a disease pretty widespread through the deer that was made a lot worse from the drought. The state refunded everybodyís license fees & points because if it. North Dakota definitely has a bias towards land owners that I donít really like. I donít even bother putting in for turkey because if that. I drive somewhere I can just buy a tag & hunt.
Just wanted to say ,spring bear for the whole state.
What the tribe does are to different topics.
The tribe is not bound by any state law.
If they cooperative in game management with the state that's great ,but at the end of the day doesn't really matter.
And yes because there not bound by state law,the tribe can be an effective predator management tool.

With spring bear a compensation program for timber company's should be set up .
Property damage is property damage.
No different than livestock eaten by wolves they get compensation.
If you fail to manage bears,protect bears,won't allow recreational hunting of bears at the time when damage occurs.
It's time for WDFW to start writing checks.
For every action there is a reaction.

Also want to say the Commission dodging this decision left and right .  Is also dodging paying for there decision.
If they vote down spring bear ,a compensation program should be on the agenda the very next day.
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