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Photo & Video / Re: Missing camp!
« Last post by elkcamp64 on Today at 12:11:14 AM »
Wow Twispriver-  I could have never put it so perfectly. A symphony with each of those sounds are playing in my head at this moment, what music.  Thanks for the gift.

"The pinging and popping of the wood stove, the hiss of snowflakes hitting the stovepipe or the sound of raindrops on the tent roof - no sweeter lullaby in the world."

Out Of State Hunting / Re: Idaho 10a deer hunting
« Last post by andrew_in_idaho on Today at 12:04:36 AM »
Another big change was a nonresident cap on the unlimited draw hunts in unit 26&27. They capped nonres in 27 to 51 tags, last year there were 461 nonresidents that did that hunt.

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Be prepared for resident tag costs to go up to make up the difference in revenue.
Already going up this year. I'm price locked still for the next 5 though. Besides the fact it is a limitation on 2 particular controlled hunts. They haven't taken any tags from the overall nonresident quota

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Bear Hunting / Re: Long Beach Bear Hunt
« Last post by Westside88 on Yesterday at 10:42:18 PM »
Is this tag for 684 Bear River?
Elk Hunting / Re: New Sponsor, Elk Hunt Consulting
« Last post by ian_padron on Yesterday at 10:35:06 PM »
Man it is just sad to see what hunting is coming to. Everyone is just out to make a quick buck.

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@ian_padron   This is nothing new.

The guy that owns this forum sells trophy maps. Mostly the same thing.
Robby Denning, one of the owners of Rokslide has a business doing this, scouting for people for money.
Eastman's MRS
I'm sure there are more.

Personally I would love it if someday it was illegal to get paid for any hunting services whatsoever conducted on public lands, and leave the guiding/info selling/big money stuff on privately owned land. BUT that is just my personal wish, I know many will disagree
I see pros and cons to both, in some super large Wilderness areas I think you just have to go with a guide if you're not from the area... But in some of the smaller areas yeah I think a decrease in guide pressure would be awesome

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Guns and Ammo / Re: Firearms and range WUSSES!!!
« Last post by PolarBear on Yesterday at 10:00:56 PM »
After reading 10 pages of this thread I'm still not sure if I'm a range wuss. But it has led me to believe that someone's self perceived level of bad assness at the range most likely has a dramatically inverse relationship to the size of their pecker.
Guns and Ammo / Re: Today's score! A 52 year old Remington 700.
« Last post by gee_unit360 on Yesterday at 09:58:43 PM »
Guns and Ammo / Re: Today's score! A 52 year old Remington 700.
« Last post by gee_unit360 on Yesterday at 09:58:07 PM »
What is "entacted"?  Am I ignorant to some firearm jargon?

You possibly could be? It may have been one of those weird IPhone auto spell, miss type anomaly's or is that anomalies? :)
Bear Hunting / Re: Long Beach Bear Hunt
« Last post by Bigjon on Yesterday at 09:50:45 PM »
Thank you so much for all the great information.  Does anyone by chance have private property down that way that wouldnt mind me hunting a bear on there?  Thank you

Trail Cameras / Re: Camera on dead elk
« Last post by Okanagan on Yesterday at 09:50:20 PM »
Very interesting.  I didn't think cougars ate carrion.  Maybe just an old wive's myth on my part.  Certainly a healthy cat.
they will scavenge fresh meat then they get the chance

It's not a hard and fast rule but IME cougars generally don't eat stuff that they haven't killed.  There are exceptions, obviously.

I shot a buck one evening and did not find it till the next morning, several hundred yards beyond where I had tracked it the evening before.  It snowed an inch during the night and after the snow a cougar had come on the blood trail, followed it to the deer and apparently leaned over to sniff it but did not touch it.  Fresh kill, no human scent.  I was surprised on that one that it did not eat some of the deer. :dunno:

I assume you are correct that the elk died naturally, but is there any chance that the lion killed the elk and came back later to feed?  Sometimes the kill marks leave little external sign.  We have tracked cougars to a kill which it left without eating any, and then it came back hours later or the next day and started eating.  They break the patterns I expect from them often enough to keep me humble!   

I suppose he could have killed this elk, when we found it one of the front shoulders was eaten and about 18 inches of the rib cage was exposed, we looked around and did not see any bite marks on the back of the neck but did not look at the underside. I thought that cougars would alway cover there kill.

Re kill wounds:  Thanks for the added info.   I got curious on one large blacktail buck obviously killed by a cougar and partly eaten, so I examined and skinned to find out how he killed it.  No sign that I found showing externally.  By skinning the neck up to the skull we found where the large cougar had bitten the buck on the back of the neck just below the skull, severing the spine and spinal cord between the first and second vertebrae.  Once I found the tooth holes then I could part the hair and locate them from outside but otherwise had not seen them. 

Re covering:  I've found several kills that have not been covered, and a couple where the cougar dragged the dead deer under low overhanging limbs in snow but otherwise did not cover it.  Small sample.  I'd be curious to hear what other lion hunters have found.  Pics from California and SW show covered cougar kills but I've found more up this way that are not covered. :dunno:

Other Classifieds / Re: Vortex Viper Scope
« Last post by Ghost Hunter on Yesterday at 09:44:45 PM »
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