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Other Classifieds / Re: FS: Yakima receiver bike carrier
« Last post by Duckslayer89 on Today at 02:36:03 AM »
As the title says. See pic for details, it's just been taking up room. I'll say $50. No shipping, local pickup or transfer through another member.

Located in La Center


Will that fit a 2 inch hitch?
I'm not saying it isn't a good idea to have a copy on your person in Wyoming but has anyone actually been asked to show a copy to a warden?
Yes.  And I know Washington hunters who have both been ticketed, and prevented from hunting (the latter had never taken a hunter safety course and was not eligible to hunt in Washington or Wyoming). 

Enforcement varies based on priorities and individuals, but almost 40% of antelope hunters are contacted in the field by WGFD personnel every year, and a sizeable portion of them are checked for hunter safety cards.  Definitely a good idea to carry it in WY, especially if you plan to hunt there regularly.  #10 of the top ten violations

 Wouldn't it be more effective to simply require proof before allowing the sale of the license, like kids here? :dunno:
In Washington you must physically present proof of hunter education certification at a license dealer the first time you purchase a license if born after 1/1/1972.  For out of state hunters, I'm not sure how that would be done. You can obviously enter a hunter education number into Wyoming's website and purchase a license, but how do they know if it was legitimate? :dunno:

 How do they know if your drivers license number is legit, or your credit card for that matter? ;)
The credit card is easy: did they get your money? :chuckle:

Do they care if my drivers license is not accurate? I don't recall even having to put that in.:dunno:

 The point is it should be easily implemented electronically these days. :dunno:
I didn't make the rule, just trying to save a fellow hunter or two a ticket.  When I moved there in 1990, I did not have a copy of my NH Hunter Safety card, and missed a few days waiting for my duplicate to arrive.  Less than 2 months later, I was checked for a HS card while blue grouse hunting, and was checked for it at least twice more over the next 10 years.
Elk Hunting / Re: True spike/auction tag raffle tags
« Last post by DOUBLELUNG on Today at 01:46:11 AM »
There's  plenty of true spike six points in the valley .
Yep, six on each antler
Virtual Campfire / Re: CWU Capt Aaron Blanchard Memorial
« Last post by DOUBLELUNG on Today at 01:38:19 AM »
Bear Hunting / Re: Spring Bear - Huckleberry 121
« Last post by j_h_nimrod on Today at 12:36:53 AM »
Kinda looks like he was ripping around in there proving his jacked truck couldn't get stuck :tup:  Pretty embarrassing for a Dodge guy to get hauled out with a Ford :chuckle:
Taxidermy & Scoring / Re: A real rhino mount!!!
« Last post by j_h_nimrod on Today at 12:20:19 AM »
I saw some beautiful, very antique and legally obtained, ivory pieces in USFWS lockup because someone did not check a box or fill out the correct series of forms in triplicate. They were probably all crushed last year in the USFWS anti-ivory program. It was sad to see them sitting there with all the history, intrinsic beauty, and artistic appreciation of a regal trophy and know they were destined to be destroyed. It would be a shame to see this rhino go the same way.

I worked with a guy last year that had "taken" a rhino in the last few years. He used a tranquilizer gun and had to put up around $200k in bond in case it died on top of his ~$50k  hunt fee. The rhino was destined to be tranqued anyway for research and to be checked out by a vet.
Guns and Ammo / Re: Reloading Tip - Bullet Seating concentricity < .001
« Last post by j_h_nimrod on Yesterday at 11:58:30 PM »
Interesting about slower powders and the lrab. Does make sense if seated far out with less initial concentric stability. The faster powders would get it through the leade quicker and possibly more consistently. I have some 7828 and H4831 which may work. I am also considering trying the 168 ablr, ~0.10 shorter and if I can get a few fps more velocity it does not fall behind the 175 until ~1200 yards, well beyond my range:).

26" barrel plus muzzle brake.

I have had rifles over the years that are pretty consistent 1-1.5" shooters with any load I come up with and struggle to tighten it up to <1" but usually get it figured out. This is the first rifle I have had that opens from <3/4" to 3"+ with a change of a few hundredths in seating depth or by using a different primer. Very finicky to say the least!

I think I have come up with a .5 moa recipe, now to see if I can get it to perform consistently...  I did try the multiple rotations during seating today to try and negate any runout, we'll see if it all works.
Scopes and Optics / Re: First Focal Plane scopes for hunting
« Last post by Biggerhammer on Yesterday at 11:15:33 PM »
Tried a FFP Vortex Long Range 4-16x50, XLR MOA reticle on a 6mm Creedmoor. I shot it for two Range trips and dumped it. Couldn't  stand how small the reticle was at lower powers.

Scopes and Optics / Re: Looking for Sig scope reviews
« Last post by Biggerhammer on Yesterday at 11:09:17 PM »
I have only tried their Romeo 5 on a 16" .300 Blackout I built awhile back. I feel it performs just as well as the Micro T1 at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Campfire / Re: Restaurants and diners for traveling in Northwest
« Last post by bb76 on Yesterday at 11:08:43 PM »
Sportsman's Bar and Grill in Chewelah is decent place for a beer and a burger.

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