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Elk Hunting / Re: Observatory (archery) Bulls!?
« Last post by jdb on Today at 06:55:28 PM »
I helped a buddy in there a few years ago. He ate tag soup but not for a lack of working his butt off. We had a bunch of nice bulls located and he had a shot opportunity at one of the bulls in the pics. Hope for cooler weather and no fires. He got screwed by a large fire that year which, in the end, probably cost him his bull.,130890.0.html
i still have the sheds from that bull!!
FAQ / Re: Remember the Oregon Standoff with the Feds?
« Last post by rtspring on Today at 06:54:39 PM »
Blows my mind that this idiot has even 1 person backing him! Justice was served! 

He should of been shot and killed when he took over Federal lands with guns!!  But of course everyone forgets that part.   
Archery Gear / Bowtech Carbon Icon DLX
« Last post by hillbillyhunting on Today at 06:49:26 PM »
A local shop is selling the Bowtech Carbon Icon with the DLX package for only $800.  I am really thinking about buying this bow.  It would be an upgrade from my Diamond Outlaw with the RAK package.  Do you all think it is worth the money to invest in this upgrade?

FAQ / Re: Remember the Oregon Standoff with the Feds?
« Last post by Mudman on Today at 06:47:02 PM »
I read this.  Its blows my mind how many people continue to defend leo and call others tinfoil cop haters yet as facts keep coming out its obvious they didn't handle this correctly.  I hopw it gets fixed so as not to happen again.  If our USA operates like this we might as well be the USSR.
Virtual Campfire / Re: Fishing Closure?
« Last post by Ghost Hunter on Today at 06:45:51 PM »
I didn't get the memo.
Out Of State Hunting / Re: Idaho Controlled Hunt Results?
« Last post by Brushbuster on Today at 06:40:16 PM »
No luck for me. May pass on ID & focus on Mule Deer in WY & Mule Deer & Elk in MT. Good luck to those that hunt ID this year.  :tup:
This one is beyond me  :o
Deer Hunting / Re: My 2015 buck mount done
« Last post by willapawapiti on Today at 06:35:39 PM »
Those kickers are just plain cool....

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