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I've never made corned beef
Cool, I like it!!
I think we need to see something brined,  cured, salted.....made out of a hunk of meat. Like a pastrami ir corned beef....
Elk Hunting / Re: Hunting rig help
« Last post by BNAElkhntr on Today at 07:18:40 PM »

Late 1970,s I saw the tips of antlers in the back seat of a Honda civic while gassing up over east during deer season. I peaked over to see and there was a blue tarp covering a "pile" of something with antlers? The hunters were inside the station, they came out and walked towards the car dressed in "huntin garb", Filson, Carharts, Stormy cromers etc.(not a lot of camo back then) :chuckle: .I asked them what was under the tarp in their back seat, they said do you want to see, I said yes, THE TWO 18YEAR OLD GIRLS (one was home coming queen from that year and the other would be leaving for the U. of Hawaii to play volley ball) pulled the tarp back and under was the heads of two dandy mule deer bucks :chuckle: . Both 4 by 4,s, one 27" and the other 28. The girls had graduated that year from a highschool on the west side and the parents of one of the girls had got her and a friend a guided hunt somewhere around Tonasket with an outfitter for a graduation present! They shot both deer on the same day, the bucks were both bedded under a rock bluff about 10 yards apart, used the "shoot on 3" method and killed them both in their beds :tup: .....Oh the good old days :tup:

Did you get their Number? 
Look forward to your progress, DoubleJ.  :tup:
Fishing / Re: MA10 coho
« Last post by steeleywhopper on Today at 07:15:58 PM »
Anyone been out in the afternoon in area 10? I just got my prop back today from the prop shop and I'm thinking about hitting it tomorrow around noon or so. 2 weekends ago we did well around noon so hoping that it will replay the same way.
Waterfowl / Re: Catch and release duck hunting!
« Last post by Stein on Today at 07:15:57 PM »
I shoot and release ducks all the time, several guys around here can attest to that.  I don't even have to handle them, I say the word and they fly off like nothing happened.
I'm looking forward to what appears to be decent squirrel hunting down in Clallam county. I've been pegging them and spruce grouse in my area up in Alaska with a .25cal airgun for years now-but it appears my airgun presently will only be legal for the tree rats. anyway Hi nice to meet you guys. One curiosity-do any of you get involved in pest or nuisance animal control in WA?  I'm going to be in a bit different of a world compared to the regs I'm accustomed to. Thanks.

I don't think there are any squirrels you can legally hunt in Clallam county.

I was under the impression that squirrel (I gun usually for reds) was harvestable/huntable under "other game".  I'm hunting with a .25cal airgun, which makes it even more dicey. Any additional resource I'd be glad to receive.

Read through that link, it tells you which species you can hunt and also shows you distribution maps for different squirrel species.

Wow I just lost all desire to move there.
Elk Hunting / Re: Hunting rig help
« Last post by BNAElkhntr on Today at 07:13:56 PM »
A buddy of mine shot a decent bear up in Greenwater in mid 80"s put in the front of a Volkswagen Beatle   it can be done
Bird Dogs / Re: Trained dog?
« Last post by Stein on Today at 07:13:43 PM »
I must have been lucky.  I trained our lab and have no idea what I am doing outside of a few books and videos.  I can recall her 80% of the time and the other 20% result in a quick tick on the vibrating collar and she comes bolting back.  She is steady most of the time her first year and I think she will be near 100% this year on both steady on the shot and recall.

I don't expect perfection or anywhere near it, but if I gave a guy money and that kind of time, I would at least expect some of the basics or an honest conversation about that individual dog.  They are labs, they learn quick, love to please their owners and have an insatiable desire to fetch. 

I would guess there is a mismatch somewhere, either the trainer or your expectations. That is a very uneducated opinion, there are many others with much more experience than I have.
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