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530 Ryderwood.
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Everything on the eastide of wildwood are opened, and on top of Ryderwood hill.  It was a zoo out there on the opener.
I was there saturday. Lots of hunters. On the garmin I heard of 2 4 points taken and lots of cows seen. But did not see anything in are group.  :(
are they all in Ryderwood(was in the lincoln area, and didn't see a thing)?
There's not a lot of elk in Lincoln, I'm sure due to the either sex elk season they've had in that unit as long as I can remember. You have to cover a lot of ground to find any elk in there. Ryderwood is better but still no guarantee. You'll have lots of competition with guys who have hunted the unit for many years. Elk hunting is pretty tough anywhere in this state unless you have access to private land where nobody else can hunt.
Anyone doing anymore elk hunting this week, need to fill my tag...willing to pay gas, id needed(if i can get out of school, and get someone to cover or switch shifts with me can go for a few days).

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