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Naches Sportsman:
How many of you guys have seen wolves over in GMU 10 and 10A?  I am starting to some research and it looks like there are wolves in the area. My goal is to have an attempt at killing one this year and will have plenty of time to look for them.

I hunted deer in 10A two years ago out of Pierce and we saw some good wolf sign but no wolves. One of them appeared to be huge by his tracks. And that was within a mile of Pierce.

See pages 11, 27, 31 for pack locations! Names of packs normally correlate to a local mountain or geographic feature they inhabit. Take a long range rifle, glass the highest points you can see on ridges right at daylight, if you have a choice between shooting a collared wolf and a wolf with no collar, leave the collared wolf and shoot the wolf with no collar, IDFG spends a lot of money to get wolves collared and must do it to keep them off the endangered species list. Good luck!  :tup:

Unit 10 I found a dead wolf and saw one in like 3 days wolf hunting a few years back. Driving the road at last/first light isn't a bad way to find them they travel the roads hard. You'll see a set of tracks jet off into the brush and come back onto the road a ways down the road pushing game onto the road. Very smart

I would hunt unit 10 and also the border of 10 and 10a


Sound wisdom.


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