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Uninvited Guests in Camp......

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Chipmunks, camp robbers (grey jays), mule deer are the most common for me. The chipmunks really get bold especially if you've fed them a handful of crumbs and the camp robbers can be brutal (landing on your head begging for snacks, and on occasion, they can get into tents and crap all over everything trying to fly out). The mule deer like to come around camp after dark and ruin my beauty rest and I've even had a couple of cow elk swing in to sniff and rustle around a tarp covered quad trailer (thought we had a bear in camp that night). I haven't really had any issues (knock on wood) with bears in camp for some reason.

What kind of uninvited forest guests have you had at your camps?

One of my favorite pics....grey jay / camp robber visitor. 

WHOA, that bird is "SERIOUS" about getting a snack  :chuckle:

Let's see....

Wolves, very cool experience...
Cougar, the worst thing you can ever hear while spiked out
Mice, the wildernesses live soup opera
Frogs,the funniest intruder
Ants.....always a losing battle....just gotta get used to them

The 2-legged variety that decided they wanted our ice chest and all of its contents more than we did.  :bash:


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