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Author Topic: Loophole allows "illegal" bear hunt with dogs--King 5 Story  (Read 7677 times)

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Re: Loophole allows "illegal" bear hunt with dogs--King 5 Story
« Reply #50 on: June 26, 2017, 12:28:38 PM »
As far as no trespassing is concerned, I have had cameras and other gear stolen from the two properties I manage.  The landowner's maple trees were tested by someone searching for burly maple in between late deer and the beginning of this spring's depredation season, while I had no cameras in the woods.  They knock off sections of the bark with an axe or hatchet.  The landowners have had cameras stolen.  They have had people cutting trails onto the property from neighboring properties for ATV use.  We even had one elk poached up there two years ago, and we caught those folks on camera.  SMILE!  This is how open access gets shut down.  People are slobs.

One property has only a timber management easement across another person's property, making it effectively landlocked for access, having to go through two gates to get there across a landowner's property who doesn't allow any hunting on their property.  How are they supposed to make that property open to the general public? 

These properties do get hunted, as the landowners allow me to take folks I know and trust onto the land to hunt.  These properties get hunted hard from September 1-December 31.  The landowner doesn't charge for this access, I don't charge for this access, unlike WEYCO, Green Diamond, and others.  I would guess 10-12 people get access to these 250-300 acre properties annually.  I work getting kids out in the woods, and have made the properties accessible to vets, and folks with physical limitations.  It gets them access to areas where they don't have to deal with the pumpkin patch mentality where some guy sets up 50 yards away from you, for a safe and controlled hunt.

One other note, the State doesn't pay anything to these tree farmers for any damage, unlike other crop farmers.  I don't get reimbursed by the state for my expenses, and the landowners don't pay me anything for my time.  The state has one employee, Ralf, who manages the bear depredation full time from April-July.  They also have wildlife conflict specialists (1 per region) and sometimes a field assistant who spend a minimal amount of time from April-July on bear depredation.  It isn't a huge budget issue for the state.  Check out how many IT folks work for WDFW compared to the small but efficient staff they have working on bear depredation from April-July.

On average over the past 4 year's I have volunteered over 160 hours during each depredation season, and I'm exhausted at the end.  Oh, I also have a day job, and a small side business.  During hunting season I hunt the east side, but after I am done with my tags I'm out there almost every weekend acting as the ghillie for these landowners.  Easily another 100 hours annually.  Want to join me?  Sign up, become a master hunter, get your volunteer hours with me, and let's get after it. 260 hours annually, that's 6.5 forty hour weeks, volunteered, unpaid.  My annual requirement is 8. 

Otherwise, you're just pissing and moaning.         

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Re: Loophole allows "illegal" bear hunt with dogs--King 5 Story
« Reply #51 on: July 03, 2017, 10:55:47 PM »

Thanks for the great posts. Real eye opener on an area I didn't fully understand. Sounds like you're out there taking care of business and having a good time of it...

I didn't watch the news story...I have little expectation that any tv news story  from Seattle about hunting  would be fair minded....even though I'm kinda stuck here for now

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