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Author Topic: What's in your hunting pack???  (Read 1028 times)

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Re: What's in your hunting pack???
« Reply #25 on: October 12, 2017, 06:14:28 AM »
Toilet paper, lunch, some rope , water and plastic bags.
You guy's are making me feel pretty unprepared.
I'm going to throw in a book of matches.
Lead em if they're running.

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Re: What's in your hunting pack???
« Reply #26 on: Yesterday at 03:20:40 PM »
Besides the basic necessities of hunting items, TP & wet ones, redundant fire starters, stuff to keep you dry and survivably warm overnight, navigation and communications gear, here are a few others I've found useful.

> A 1/3 cup stainless steel measuring cup.  Wad up one or two envelopes of instant soup or hot chocolate  in it.  With mine I have melted snow, heated morale-building soup, hot water to warm my insides, collected drips of water from a rock face, dipped water from tiny pools of seep, dug holes in snow or dirt, and probably others uses I have forgotten.  And it is small enough to get lost in a parka pocket.

> Four feet or so of light snare wire.  Useful to repair packs and gear strongly, fabricate things including shelter and crutches, and even snare rabbits. 

> Tiny notebook and pencil in a Ziploc.

> Tiny flashlight to see to change batteries in my headlamp.  That saved my bacon on a sleety night near timberline in the North Cascades one November.

> Flagging tape cut into 1/3 width strips (I cut around the roll, pull off long strips and don't carry the center spool).  It goes farther and I recognize mine.  It doesn't take much if you are looking for it. 

I like a light weight summit pack size of 3000 cu. in. or more, and carry it mostly empty except when I put outer clothes in it.  It will take a hefty load of boneless meat for my first trip out.  On some alpine day hunts I have attached my day pack to a pack frame with plan to carry out a major load of meat lashed to the frame pack.

I do not carry a hatchet but have medi-vaced and taken to ER a couple of men who did.  A hatchet is a wonderful tool with a perfect radius of motion to chop my shin bone.   :P
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Re: What's in your hunting pack???
« Reply #27 on: Yesterday at 04:27:21 PM »
Pack Frame and 2 bottles of water!


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