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Yelper Guy:
I haven't posted anything in quite a while, but I have been lurking quite a bit - I like to watch!
Talking with my brother yesterday, I mentioned how I wish I would have started a hunting/ fishing journal.
All of my turkey hunts, steelheading, deer & elk hunting... I've forgotten half of what went on.
I could have over 20 years worth of memories written down, but I never started one because it sounded corny at the time.
Now I would love to have a journal with past adventures - I'm sure it would have been a good read.
I think the younger sportsmen & women should start a journal, before you regret not starting one - like me.

My Dad kept a steelhead fishing journal when I was young. I stumbled across it a year or two back and really got a kick out of reading his reports. It brought back some really good memories.

I've started doing some short write ups of my hunts recently. It's interesting to try and put experiences like those into words, can be very difficult.

Thanks for bringing this up, gives me something to think about with my son coming up in the ranks in a few years.

Yelper Guy:
Too many vague memories - like the time I was turkey hunting and a chickadee landed on my barrel.
Or when we called in a bobcat, or saw a cow moose...

Wish I had done this some 40 years ago. Good idea !

Special T:
The most sucessful hunters and fishermen I know have kept a detailed journal/notebook. It has made the trends clearer to pick out and be very sucessful.

Even Boneaddict has stated on here that he finds deer in specific places at certain times and is able to find them year after year because he keeps track.

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