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I'm going to take the family out for morels this spring. Can any one give me some guidance? All general or specific information is helpful. I have good luck with the chanties but don't know anything about the morels other than eastern Washington, near last year's fires, in the spring

Kit Carson:
I'm also going to be looking for them in the Spring.
Tagging along.

You said everything you need to know about morels. Ea Wa, Fires, Spring

Plenty on the west side as well....
- big cottonwood flats
- they start popping at lower elevations first and work up
- watch for the cottonwoods to bud up that's a good indicator on timing (usually sometime just before Easter)

Thimble caps (verpa bohemica) will start in late February on the West side and there will also be some blond morels mixed in. In late march, early April, the conicas will start showing up in the south Cascades. Thinned Douglas fir and ponderosa stands will have them. Burn morels will start in June and can continue as late as Mid-July.


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