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Author Topic: How do I get ready for my first turkey hunt?  (Read 1052 times)

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Re: How do I get ready for my first turkey hunt?
« Reply #25 on: February 11, 2018, 03:51:57 PM »
Good advise by a lot of good turkey hunters, I would only add where to shoot a turkey. Aim for the base of his neck. Most of the time people shoot over the top of the birds because in the excitement of the shot you don't get down on the stock properly. Some guys say "oh, shoot him in the head"  which is great, but I say aim for the base of the neck and you'll put more birds in the pot and watch a lot less run off.

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Re: How do I get ready for my first turkey hunt?
« Reply #26 on: February 11, 2018, 07:12:40 PM »
Don't start turkey hunting is my advice.
if you do remember this.

1. you will end up buying a turkey specific shotgun
2. you will buy a turkey vest, one with a comfy seat
3. you will buy a box call, diaphragm call, and a huge assortment of others
4. of course new camo everything
5. you will buy a set or 2 of decoys
6. you will also have a bunch of new or old [ friends ] wanting you to take them to the honey hole
7. you will be compelled to go to clinics, read articles , watch hunting shows, etc.
8. you will have to suffer the agony of cooking and eating one
9. most important is the fact that when you call up your first tom, and hear him gobble
and watch him strut in. You will be addicted with no hope of treatment
Other then that have a great time.

I don't totally agree.
1). Turkey tag
2).Full choke shotgun ,size 5,or 6 shot.
3).A box call

Everything else is optional,no need to spend a whole roll of money to have a good time.
Two birds in the Bush is always better than one in the hand-that way you can always go to the Bush and hunt another day .conservation=Better hunting.
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Re: How do I get ready for my first turkey hunt?
« Reply #27 on: February 12, 2018, 08:45:58 AM »
There is a lot of turkey hunting advice on here and also on youtube so take advantage of it. Here is a few things I've learned.

-Turkey some days are chatty as hell and other wont talk at all. Don't let this get you down, try and figure out where they go in general. They often have a route they like to take daily and it can be surprising how "on schedule" they can be. Had a group of jacks come in at 6:20 one morning silent and bust me while I was packing up to move. Next day sat in the same spot and at 6:30ish they came right in again to the same spot....bagged out and didn't even have to call.

-start with a box call then move to a slate but always have both with you. I love my slate but nothing has the volume of a box call. Study the rhythm of yelps and mimic it, box call is perfect way to start.

-Not needed but is really nice to have is this set up: and this I love this set up because it allows you to be flexible/ run and gun yet comfortable for long sits in the morning. the set up weight nothing. I dont have these exact ones but in general the whole set up cost about $30-40 total.

-Don't worry about expensive decoys, had plenty of birds come into cheap foam birds. Even seen photos of guys using blown up trash bags and having it work.

-Have fun! Enjoy the challenge of turkey hunting! Turkey's can be incredibly frustrating but when it all works out and you have a tom come in on a string it might be the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced while hunting. Side tip, where the turkeys aren't talking and your about ready to give up, do some morel picking if you can. I find mixing the two is a great way to stay out in the woods and still hopefully come home with something. Best of Luck  :tup:


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