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Author Topic: TEN TIPS FOR GREAT FIELD PHOTOS - A strategy for taking quality success photos  (Read 35819 times)

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You want to see sky or distant backgrounds
Just make sure to set the appropriate aperture, bright sky in the background results in a lot of the pics you see with blown out backgrounds.
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Great write-up!  I'm going to have to use the "Banana Clip for your Shotgun" phrase!  I'm an old dude and I shot 35mm film for years and you had to really work the shot.  Everything had to be right because there was no image editing and you paid for every frame, even if you developed your own film.  I love how with digital I can experiment with dozens of different angles, settings, etc. and it doesn't cost a bundle.  I have to be careful to take care to still work the shot though.  Got to keep perspective and intent for each shot, kind of like hunting with my Browning BAR vs. my Husqvarna Bolt Action.  Great advice on the pruning shears too.  I'm surprised there hasn't been a discussion on whether to carry bypass shears or anvil shears  :).

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Maybe I missed it; but what do you do with getting the best possible photo in low light/night situations?

I think this photo came out pretty good. But it took several shots (thanks to the digital age!). Also, is there a way to Photoshop the lung bubbles? and maybe clean up some of the blood?

Thanks for the post, great pointers!

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Man this is an old one but a great thread.  I remember reading this before I joined the forum.  Great tips and tricks in this one.  You only get one time for field photos.
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The exposure and curves were bothering me far more than the lung blood. Ergo I only did a half assed job clone stamping. Hope you like this.

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oh, you wanted the  blood gone, too.

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Those look great! thanks Mr. Bean Counter and JohnD  :IBCOOL:

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Comprehensive guide, I've learned much. Thank you!


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