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Title: predator calls
Post by: badnewskruse on October 21, 2019, 09:25:26 AM
im looking to buy a new electronic predator call for this winter and would like some opinions from guys on here before i go ahead and buy one. Im trying to keep it under $200. thanks!
Title: Re: predator calls
Post by: buckfvr on October 21, 2019, 11:18:19 AM
I would start out by determining what features I must have and those I can do without.  Then seek a caller that fits my criteria.  Price means nothing if it wont do what you want.

I would start with wireless remote (I know most if not all are now wireless) that is easy to read in low light/dark (this being very important).  I would also place at the top of my list a remote that works at a significant distance from the caller.  It seems as though these two features are usually missing from many popular inexpensive models.
Title: Re: predator calls
Post by: KFhunter on October 21, 2019, 12:27:23 PM
I'm using a Foxpro CS24B with a TX500 remote, I wish it reached out further, I think 100 yards is advertised distance it but I'm having trouble at 50 yards getting the buttons to work.
It could be the batteries but I seem to have lost some range although its hard to tell, I've been setting the caller on the ground, a tripod or up in a tree works better for range and sound projection, but lately I've been playing with muffling the noises back a little, calling softer and hiding the caller more in the brush trying to sound more natural. 

My next one I'd like to find one that would travel at least 1/2 mile or even 1 mile, it would sure be nice to sit way back downwind of it and get the coyotes (mostly wolves for the long long range) to still be in front when they circle behind the ecaller. 

I would sit way downwind on a vantage point covering a whole drainage and would want the animals to pass in front of me, still upwind of me but downwind of the ecaller.