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Title: Advice? 7 years no luck-Leases?
Post by: r5neum on October 26, 2021, 09:58:59 PM
This is year 7 for me hunting mule deer with no success. Iíve hunted both the high buck and modern season 6-10 days a year. Ive hunted the Twisp-Manson-Entiat and GP/Paysten wilderness. Iíve spent hundreds of hours hiking (getting away from others) and behind the glass. For example I located a buck at 1600 yards this year and closed it down to 150 to find out he was a fork. (My optics are decent just was in a basin and couldnít relocate until 150.)

I have had success finding bucks in August/early Sept scouting but once season starts they are no where to be found. I actually have yet to locate a legal buck during season.

Looking for advice, I understand itíll happen eventually but this has been draining. Have others struggled with this much effort?

Also interested in leasing private land for next years hunts if anyone knows of any opportunityís?

Thanks in advance

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Title: Re: Advice? 7 years no luck-Leases?
Post by: huntnnw on October 26, 2021, 10:04:23 PM
go where others don't. water barrier, extremely steep areas and a mile or more from trails usually gets you away from 90% Some of the areas you mentioned are great come November if you have a permit, but if you are hunting those same areas in October you are hunting resident deer that get hammered
Title: Re: Advice? 7 years no luck-Leases?
Post by: LDennis24 on October 27, 2021, 06:38:35 AM
Go out before the season and get into the hills or wherever it may be before daylight, learn the area you want to hunt. I'm talking in early September even. Walk and glass and search just like you were hunting it. Be as quiet as you can, etc. Mule deer can be found easily before the season opens coming from feeding areas at daybreak. They will most likely be in those areas on opening day as well. If you can spot a buck from a distance and just watch where he goes in the early morning you can find him opening day in the same general area depending on pressure and public activity in the area, etc.
Title: Re: Advice? 7 years no luck-Leases?
Post by: Stein on October 27, 2021, 06:53:30 AM
Go to Montana.  Cheaper than a lease and you will find deer.
Title: Re: Advice? 7 years no luck-Leases?
Post by: HUNT JR on October 27, 2021, 07:56:17 AM
Go to Montana.  Cheaper than a lease and you will find deer.

Title: Re: Advice? 7 years no luck-Leases?
Post by: GASoline71 on October 27, 2021, 08:54:35 AM
Not to sound judgmental, but I've never viewed being out hunting and coming up unsuccessful as draining.  I'm out in God's county doing what I love.  I hunt hard every year, and don't come home with an animal most years.  Don't worry about with the Youtube and Instagram warriors are doing, a lot of those guys are spending way more time in the woods all year long than most of us combined. 

If I viewed hunting as draining I'd probably just give it up. The challenge of just being out there and not doing it the easy way.  It's what I love the most about hunting. I'm honestly not trying to be negative here at all.  Being successful doesn't measure the wealth of the hunt. Hell, I've been hunting Blacktails this year the "easy way" on private property with a lot of deer, and on an island.  Been out there every day in the evenings or mornings and still have yet to connect on a deer.  But man is it a blast to watch these bucks chase does.  Just need one real stupid one to decide that there are girls on our side of the property and walk by our blind.  ;)

I don't really have any info to offer other than keep at it.  Enjoy your time in the woods.  It'll happen. 

Title: Re: Advice? 7 years no luck-Leases?
Post by: Mtnwalker on October 27, 2021, 09:09:17 AM
It sounds to me like you are overdue for it to happen, you may just need to slow down a bit. If you've spent as much time in the areas that you say you have hiking and glassing, you should have at least had opportunities by now just out of sheer time and luck even if you're not doing everything perfect. You can only spend so much time in mule deer country before you bump into a buck, even in Washington. It can be a steep learning curve compared to some other states but man, you gotta be right on the verge. Keep at it is all I can say, and maybe try to find somebody who kills bucks to tag along with? Or go to Montana
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