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Detailed Comment Was selling a 50HP old Evinrude for $75.  On Oct 16 he PMd me as follows: "I want to buy but due to working and hunting I cannot pick it up right away. I donít know when Iíll be able to swing up north. I have a job in la Conner but itís not for a couple weeks. Lmk if you could hold till then."

I accepted the terms and we went dark.  I reached out to him on Oct 28 asking when he wanted to come by.  no answer.  I pinged him again on 11/1 and he responded he was still interested and was serious about picking it up.  He gave me a target of after Nov 21st so I told him a good window was between the 22nd and 25th.  he said that sounded good.  I checked in on the 21st and he said he would pick it up on the 24th between 1-3.  he reached out later that day and asked if the 29th or 30th would work instead - I said either was fine.  I pinged him again on the 29th asking if he would be coming by on the 30.  no answer  I pinged him on the 30th  and he replied he would come by on Dec 4th early.  I tried to confirm on the 3rd.  no answer.  On the 4th I let him know how disappointed I was that he was not a man of his word.  He has not engaged with me since.

I am moving and we are listing our house on the 9th.  My ability to move the motor now is limited as I am out of state and I really wanted the motor gone before the house went on the market.  Some of this is on me as I should have seen the signs but wanted to warn others that he does not keep his word on commitments.
Comment by: Rob
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