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Hey guys anyone want to share their first kill story. This one isn't mine but i was there when my friend shot his first. We were hunting on a ridge in blue mt. NY and he had a spike come up on him not 20 yards away and he pulled the trigger and must have gotten a touch of the buck fever first time out because he missed. But never the less right after that a five point(New York five point)  came and walked right out in front of him and he was cured. Bagged that one and I think that buck travelled more miles in the back of that truck of his than it did on his hoofs. It was really interesting because the spike he had missed ran down the ridge in front of me and i laid it down. Jackelope may remember this one. Maybe he can share some more of the memory. good times

WDFW Hates ME!!!:
I think it was 8th grade. My best friend scott could drive he was a year older, the general deer season had just started and i had my trusty shotgun with buckshot.
We were hunting the battlegreound unit at a closed yellow gate that is still there. We walked in about a mile and sat down at a new clear cut.
Well scott walked about 50 yards to my left and i saw a deer head, this is an either sex hunt so i saw the head and decided i was going shoot my first deer. I yelled to scott that i see a deer, and he yelled back well shoot it. I was about 50 yards from the deer and i aimed at the head and pulled the trigger, it dropped and we walked up to it, but it was still standing there, so scott shot it. Well what had happened was there were twins. Both with about 4 inch spikes. That was the longest walk out to the gate i think i have ever made.
It seamed like we walked forever, but that was my first deer.

I was 11 and hunting in Oregon's Willamette Valley with my dad. We saw two deer across a strawberry field. Dad  said to shoot the doe on the right so I leaned up against a tree to steady my shot. I was holding behind the shoulder but buck (or doe) fever must have set in and gun must have been doing figure eights (but the hunting god's were smiling on me any way) and I hit the doe right between the eyes. I was shaking a lot but I've been hooked for on hunting ever since. 

Thanks for the stories guys I can share mine. I was twelve years old with my father out hunting a wood lot when a group of white tails came bounding threw the woods. He handed me the Rem. 700BDL, 30-06 and asked if I thought I could handle it. Of course my reply was yes. I can relate to the figure eight movement, man was I nervous. He had a doe and a buck tag so he said pick a big one out and take it. So I did. Well maybe not a big one, spike horn would have to do. I think he was the first to come into sight. At the time it sure did feel like a trophy.

My Dad had a rule, we could hunt around camp for "camp meat" as soon as we could hit the bottom of a 3lb coffee can at 50yards offhand with his old octagon barreled 30/30.  That thing was heavy!  I was 9 when I was old enough to be able to hold it up and complete the shot proficiency test my Dad laid out.  I went out every morning and every evening, Mom wouldn't let me be gone for over an hour at a time, as we had grizzlies quite close, quite frequently.  About the 4th morning I killed an average doe with a single shot from that 30/30.  Walked up to her and took off running and whooping for camp like a banshee I was so excited.  Mom, and aunts and everyone else in camp came running out of the cabin thinking I was getting the run put on me by a bear.  I was grinning from ear to ear, heck if you'd a knocked me on my forehead very hard the top of my head would have fallen off backwards I was grinning so wide.  When my Dad and all my uncles returned from the mountain tops chasing elk all day, empty handed and saw my deer hanging, you can bet I was feeling about ten feet tall around the campfire that night!


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