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Do any of you have family or friend memorials in the mountains?

This last weekend a group of us hiked a few miles up off of the roads and onto a high peak in the Cascades. We do this each year to visit a family member that passed a few years ago. It is this time of the year each time we go and it gets pretty darn hot and sweaty by the time we get to the top. The person that we visit is my cousin Mike. This is a hike that takes effort to get to, but is worth the work to get there.

Mike was a great hunter and a man's man. He was a very strong athletic person and someone that you really wanted at your side if there was trouble. He was a good man, but took crap from no one. Cancer took him down an awful road and eventually took his life.

When he passed, a group of us took his ashes very high into the mountains and scattered some of his ashes in one of his favorite hunting spots. We also took equipment with us and bored a hole into a rock that he used to hunt from for many years. In this hole we put a capsule with ashes from him in it. We also put his favorite hunting hat in there. We put some of his bullets in there and his favorite brand of beer in there, I do believe that we made sure it was empty first. We had a custom bronze plaque made to cover the hole up with and sealed it very well.

This memorial is in a place that I think maybe one person in a hundred years would stumble onto it. It is beautiful country there with a view for many miles overlooking a giant canyon where some beautiful animals live.

I have stumbled onto a couple of memorial spots over the years, but I am curious if many people do this.

I am including pictures of us working on the rock and what we put into it. Also a view from up there

That is really nice guys.  :tup:

I've seen something like that before and never considered it was a memorial like what you tell. I was at first like............... whats that doing here. I could only reason out that some hunter died in that spot. Heart attack or something. Thanks.


Back in '91 a cousin of mine took his own life while on a hunting trip near Tamarack Springs in the Manastash, his dad, brother and sister spread his ashes near the site where it happened. I've only been over there once since it happened, been meaning to get back again, just haven't.

Yes I have come across many of them around the state.
Buttermilk Ridge
NF above Addy
Bridge creek near Twisp.
To name a few.

Thats super sweet ....  :tup: :tup:


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