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Big Game Guide and Packer School

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Want to try something unique, something you might truly enjoy? We offer a school for guides, hunters, packers, fly-fisherman, and camp cooks. Royal tine is located in the heart of prime recreation country in Western Montana. We offer classes from 5 weeks to 4 days in length. Our 4 and 5 week guide and packer classes offer you all the skills needed to become a big game guide and work for a Western outfitter or simply just learn the skills to pack in with horses and mules for a DIY hunt. Job placement available.   We also offer 2 and 4 week camp cook classes and 4 day fly fishing and outdoor cooking education vacations. Guide your life - it all starts at Royal Tine!  Visit our site at

I didn't go to this school, but some of the guys in our outfit have. In my opinion this is prolly the best school you can go to. I've heard great things about this school, nothing  but great stuff.

Appreciate the kind words MW338 - we try! :)

Cool stuff man!  What kind of job placement programs you got???


Plenty of job opportunities.  Have more jobs waiting than I do guides to fill them.  All you have to do is pass the class.  I place guys with jobs in MT, ID, CO, and WY mostly.


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