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Nov 1-18 late hunt sleeping bag?

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Hey everyone.  We'll be hunting late season muledeer Nov 1-18 outa chelan.  nights will be spent in a Wall tent.  So under these conditions what rating bag should I get the kid?

I have a down 15* bag and a silk liner that will add 10* if I need it. Just wondering your thoughts.

thanks CD

Wall tent equals a truck? If you will be truck camping, throw in a couple extra fleece blankets for insurance against the cold. You can add these to the sleepers as needed.  Also, be sure to bring two foam pads to sleep on, per hunter. Air matresses do not afford very much insulation, and they also have a bad way of failing on you... Fleece gloves and a fleece hat to sleep in. Sleep in your thermals, dry thermals not ones you had sweated in.

Speaking of which, I intend to start a thread about proper winter clothing. In a nutshell, if it has cotton in it, leave it at home. And yes, I know, I will hear from a bunch of ol' timers about how they used to (and still do) hunt in their cotton stuff all the time, but I wont. Get lost or injured wearing cotton in cold wet weather, and you die. Get lost in poly, fleece, wool,  have a fighting chance.

high country:
cd, I bought a wiggy's ultimate thule when I lived in alaska, I have spent pleny of nights in the woods and can honestly say that I have never been cold. slept out in back yard a few years ago on a ridgerest pad and nothing else, temps were as low as 13f above and I never would have know it. I would as if you buy a 0* wiggy's you will be very happy and they have a lifetime warranty against just about everything other then burning it in the fire.

above all else make sure everyone has a hat to sleep in.

I also drew the entiat tag and plan on taking in a wall tent. I spept in Idaho in a wall tent in 10*. I used a hollow fill bag. I tried using the same bag on a mule deer hunt in eastern washington, and I got cold. Since then I ended up buying a good bag. If you plan on speeping in a wall tent make sure you have a good cot, and at least two bed rolls. it always seems like your back and butt get cold first if you don't. Also make sure your tent has a stove. If nothing else I have two stoves and will be in there from Nov 2nd through the 18th ( if it takes that long). Let me know if you need one.
pm me if you have any questions, also I would like to trade some entiat knowledge!!!!

Kent Hunter:
I've been doing drop camps and sleeping in wall tents for over thirty years and without a doubt a "Butler" sleeping bag is the way to go. Check out their web site at You just can not beat these bags. They are made to last forever and you have plenty of room in these bags. They are not a back pack bag as they are heavy. But you do not have to worry about getting cold no matter what the weather.


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