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Nov 1-18 late hunt sleeping bag?

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high country:

--- Quote from: jstamp on July 29, 2007, 02:55:42 AM ---I also drew the entiat tag and plan on taking in a wall tent. I spept in Idaho in a wall tent in 10*. I used a hollow fill bag. I tried using the same bag on a mule deer hunt in eastern washington, and I got cold. Since then I ended up buying a good bag. If you plan on speeping in a wall tent make sure you have a good cot, and at least two bed rolls. it always seems like your back and butt get cold first if you don't. Also make sure your tent has a stove. If nothing else I have two stoves and will be in there from Nov 2nd through the 18th ( if it takes that long). Let me know if you need one.
pm me if you have any questions, also I would like to trade some entiat knowledge!!!!

--- End quote ---

I always use a ridge rest pad with my cold back for me!


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