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  Like to find a new grunt call, but one that is kinda "soft-spoken" if ya know what I mean. Most are just too loud, and don't perform well with a light blow of air.

Any ideas?

Ok, so it seems that maybe nobody has a clue???

So, then tell me, what kinds/makes of grunt calls you guys use?
I've lost and replaced a Primos grunt call, and I've had some luck calling in a buck or two with it.....anybody else?

My favorite fell off into a creek as I was walking across a log "bridge".  I was pissed.  I couldn't tell you what brand it was, but like you said it was queiter than most.  I think I picked up a primos and thats what I have now.  I don't use it that much.  Its much louder and I try to muffle it.

Right On!  Same problem here, I don't want to sound like the "baddest boy" in the woods, and scare every buck off, I want to sound like a wimp, so the "bully's" will come runnin' over to whup my but!.....

All I can say to that....."Bring it!"

Sure wouldn't mind a nice 5X5 to come on over to whup my but during the season!

Good Luck this year Boneaddict! ;)

Thanks.  Its been awhile since I butchere dup a whitetail.  I need to do that again someday soon.  I have the oppurtunity to go over to Idaho this year, but I'll probably be tied up with Idabooner and helping him fill his late buck tag.  Maybe I'll at least get out for some filming.


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