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Deer Sign, a little scoutin'


Here's a few rubs I've watched in a nice little flat area that I"ve taken my Wife too (not many level spots in this area!), too bad the state has just sold this area, and now they are dividing it up to build a few houses....

A few more...

Theres more, but you guys get the idea.

Wish it was my yard

Not far from Springdale WA, (thats right, where a bunch of crazies are! but not teeth!).

This was a very small part of it, there were hundreds rubs, scrapes and beds. They've now dug in water lines, and I think there was maybe some sewer too.....subdivided. That will ruin quite a bit of the area, even if houses don't cover everything. Too bad to.

Seen some big ones in there, even got close with a mock scrape......


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