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READ BEFORE PLACING ADS: Rules, Photos, 72 Hour Bump Rule, Feedback Ratings

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CLASSIFIED RULES........Beware of sending money or personal info, be cautious of potential scams and meeting persons you do not know. These classifieds are a vehicle for members to buy and sell, like any other classifieds, it's the buyer and seller's responsibility to use due diligence in any transaction.  These rules are meant to help sellers be more effective at selling their items and meant to help buyers know more about what is for sale, these rules are meant to benefit everyone.

 1 - ITEMS ALLOWED: Guns, bows, ammo, arrows, reloading, gun & bow parts
 2 - APPLICABLE LAWS: It is the user's responsibility to know and follow all federal, state, and local laws.
 3 - TITLE: Start titles with:  SELL:, TRADE:, AUCTION:, FREE:, WANTED:, RENT:, LEASE:, WTT:, WTS:, WTB:, etc.
 4 - AD INFO: Items sell faster with complete details and photo. Change details or add photos by using the "Modify" button.
 5 - PHOTOS: help items sell much faster. Photos should be 800x600 or smaller, see resizing info below.
 6 - PRICE: Items for sale must list a PRICE, you can add OBO (or best offer). Ads without a price may be removed.
 7 - TRADES: Are also allowed. If your item is for trade only you do not need to list a price. Include what you might take on trade.
 8 - AUCTIONS: Post the minimum bid that you will sell your item for, list the end date and time in your first post.
 9 - LOCATION: Your profile or your classified ad must show your location or your ad may be removed.
10 - SHIPPING: Seller must note any shipping fees or transportation arrangements in the original post.
11 - CHANGES: If you make changes to your ad, modify your original post to include the changes.
12 - QUESTIONS: Buyers and Sellers may post questions and answers, otherwise the 72 hour bump rule applies.
13 - 72 HOUR BUMP RULE: Ads may be bumped once each 72 hours. Anyone unfairly bumping ads will risk being banned.
14 - NEGATIVE COMMENTS: are not allowed in classified ads. PM the seller or report problems to admin.
15 - ***REMOVE***  When ads are no longer needed please edit the original title so the ad can be removed.
16 - DELETION: Ads may be deleted for not following rules, not including required info, or after no activity for 60 days.
17 - COUNTERFEIT ITEMS: Selling of counterfeit items is not allowed. Counterfeit items are those with a manufacturer's logo or name on them, but not made by that manufacturer. This does not include product clones made and marketed under a different name.

TYD: to your door - (no additional shipping charges will be added)
NIB: new in box
LNIB: like new in box
OBO: or best offer
FTF: face to face
WTS: Want to sell
WTB: Want to buy
WTT: Want to trade
TTT: To the top

If your photos post sideways or upside down you need to take new photos with your phone rotated as needed so your photos post correctly. If your photos are too large they may not post. Photos that are no larger than 800 x 600 pixels will post easily on the forum. If you do not know how to re-size photos on your computer, you can use one of these online applications to re-size your photos: (very easy to use) (a site many people use which automatically re-sizes)
Batch Re-size Photos Mac OSX
Re-size Photos Windows Vista
Windows XP Using the Image Re-sizer
Windows XP with MSPaint

SUBMITTING BUYER AND SELLER FEEDBACK (Feedback encourages positive transactions, creates trust and accountability.)
TRADE COUNT (+1) indicates the buying, selling, and trading experiences other members have had with any member. Remember to submit feedback after any transaction
HOW IT WORKS Click on the Trade Count (#) below any username to see feedback or to post feedback about a transaction with that member
WHAT THE NUMBER MEANS+ means there is more positive feedback than negative, - means there is more negative feedback than positive
FEEDBACK NOTIFICATION is received by pm when feedback is posted to your profile. Remember to post feedback for the other member.
NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES If members have a negative trading experience they are encouraged to work out a solution. Neither party will benefit from negative feedback on their profile.
IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE when posting feedback please use the report button so admin can remove the feedback mistake and you can make a new feedback post.

SELL: Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 gauge, excellent condition
Camo synthetic stock, blued 24" barrel, all the original chokes plus a super turkey choke from Cabelas. A soft case and two boxes of #6 Turkey loads go with the gun. I purchased this gun two years ago, it's only had 3 boxes of pheasant loads fired. One small scratch by the trigger guard, otherwise in near new condition. $400 or best offer. Located in Renton, WA, willing to meet at any FFL within a 30 minute drive. Willing to mail this item direct to buyer's FFL of choice within Washington, as required by WA law. I will not ship out of state. (buyer to pay shipping and FFL charges)

This forum, it's owners and/or managers do not control, are not responsible for, and make no representations or warranties with respect to any user or user representation, or warranties of items or services, or validity of any ads or posts. By using these classified ads you acknowledge and accept sole responsible for your interaction with or reliance on any user or user representation or warranties. You further agree to perform any necessary, appropriate, prudent or judicious investigation, inquiry, research and due diligence with respect to any user or user representation or warranties of items or services. In recent years media reports suggest that buyers/sellers should be careful about meeting people they do not know. By posting a classified ad on this forum you are agreeing to follow our rules and you are indicating that you understand and assume any and all risks associated. This forum reserves the rights to add, remove, or modify any ad or classifieds rule at any time for any reason.

Smossy's Girl:

--- Quote from: Tight Spin on January 14, 2014, 10:45:30 AM ---What does BUMP mean ?

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Unread threads are listed in order from most recent to older. So if you write a new post in your own thread (classified thread in this instance) you are "bump"ing it back up to the top of the list of threads to be seen.

A "reminder" bump of classified rules.


A "reminder" bump of classified rules.


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