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Has anyone ever bow fished lake roosevelt? Is it legal? I have never done it but I think it would be a blast on that lake. Anyone know if its legal?

It was shut down years ago - pissed me off too  :bash:

from Grand Coulee Dam to U.S.-
Canadian border) including Hawk
Creek downstream of the falls at the
Hawk Creek Campground, the Spokane
arm downstream of SR 25 Bridge, and
Kettle arm downstream of Barstow
see also: Hawk Creek, Kettle River,
Spokane River, and Roosevelt Lake
for San Poil Arm of Lake Roosevelt,
see San Poil River, page 80
see DOH Fish Consumption
Advisories, page 20
CLOSED WATER S - Apr. 1-Friday before Memorial Day: Kettle arm upstream to Barstow Bridge.
CLOSED WATER S - Mar. 1-Friday before Memorial Day: Little Dalles power line crossing upstream 1.7 miles
to marked rock point.
closed waters - Mar. 1-Friday before Memorial Day: Northport power line crossing to most upstream
point of Steamboat Rock.
KOKANEE Year-round No min. size. Daily limit 6. No more than 2 with intact adipose fins.
All Other TROUT Year-round No min. size. Daily limit 5. Up to 2 over 20" may be retained.
KOKANEE not included in TROUT daily limit.
CARP Year-round Statewide min. size/daily limit. Unlawful to fish for CARP with bow and
arrow.WALLEYE Year-round No size restriction. Daily limit 16.
Other Game Fish Year-round Statewide min. size/daily limit.
SALMON Year-round Landlocked SALMON rules apply.

Guess your on your own.   :chuckle:

Don't let Fear and common sense hold you back.

I wonder what the thought process behind this restriction is????

Carp Commander:
Scott (Stickers),

Your question relies upon the implication that WDFW has a thought process!

Sorry had to go there!


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