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Lake Roosevelt??

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Sounds like a lot of fun, post up some pictures.

Must be too early, checked 3 sloughs and only bumped 1 fish, may have been a big pike I dunno, I just seen the swirl from from taking off.

No trails in tbe grass yet, no beds or tore up grass floating, I think they may be cruising tbe banks, but haven't moved into the grass flats yet.


Or maybe I totally missed it, but the river doesn't come up to full pool until a week before july 4th

I used to see them clear into August

Grass carp can be shot in Duck Lake in Ocean Shores , Grays Harbor Co. ( No min. size. No daily limit. May also be taken by bow and arrow) Mentioned in regulations for the lake. Not sure why the exemption, they were put in the lake to eat the grasses several years ago and this summer they are chemically treating parts of the lake to kill off some grasses. 


--- Quote from: 6haase6 on July 12, 2021, 04:35:53 PM ---Dang the gear is going in the boat and staying. Watched 2 40+ pounders swimming around in the shallows this past weekend.

--- End quote ---

We have a place on Roosevelt and we see carp in the shallows of the small bays all the time that are friggin' enormous.  Some of them appear to be larger than the wave runners we're riding sometimes!  :yike:



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