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Couple of improvements


I have been tinkering with the boat lately and made a couple of improvements. I took my time and did things right. All the wiring is new and runs through a main switch board with fuses. Every new item has it's own color for power. No mixing up wires here. I have had alot of down time, so the boat has helped keep ne busy.....lol

Here is the first....2 floods and a bi-color for night launchings

The second is a 12V plug for spot lights and what not.

I put a new fishfinder/depth finder on it too. I also put a little clip to hold my hand held GPS on the console

And last, I mounted an electric Scotty downrigger. I had to have the mount custom made and the dude damn near did it for free. I have another mounting plate for the other side for another electric downrigger and a crab pot puller, but I have yet to mount it. I can just switch the pot puller out with the Scotty DR...same plug and mounting plate.

sweet. now get out in the water and catch some more fish.
do you have 2 scottys ready to roll?

No....just one. I will get another one as soon as I can afford it

Nice improvements.  You did a great job.


--- Quote from: Choclab on August 16, 2007, 10:07:00 PM ---No....just one. I will get another one as soon as I can afford it

--- End quote ---

last day at the sportsmans show whenever it is this winter ;)
best deal in town.
or used i guess.


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