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Report Fisher Sightings Here
Every Fisher sighting is important to help get Fisher delisted in Washington. Please report any tracks, photos, or sightings of Fisher, especially trapped Fishers that were released.
- When: Approx Date & Year of your sighting.
- Location: County, Game Management Unit, and the closest mountain or drainage.
- How Many: Report how many were inviolved in your sighting.
- Photos: Any photos or recordings are very helpful. Remember to lay something on the ground next to tracks for size comparison.
- Helpful Info: Note any details and explain why you think what you saw was a Fisher.
- Accuracy: Be as factual as possible.

 I spoke with Jeff Lewis at WDFW. He is the Mesocarnivore Conservation Bioligist. He is very interested in speaking with any trappers that catch fishers.
What he would like if possible is a picture, the location and date of capture. He also wants your opinion on the health of the fisher at release and if possible any hair or scat that might be left in the trap. The hair and scat are for genetic testing.
 You can reach him at  Jeffrey.Lewis@dfw.wa.gov or call (360)902-2374Any info you can offer is important and will help get Fisher delisted in Washington. Then we can work on a season. Feel free to message me if you would like to remain anonymous.

Great idea! especially now that it is hunting season. There will be a lot of hunters out in the woods. Maybe you should post a few pictures up for those of us that are not familiar with Fishers. That way we know what we are looking for or what we came across.

A link to WDFW page on reintoduction of Fishers

Males are  3547 in in length and weigh 813 lb. Females measure 3037 in and weigh 46 lb. The fur of the fisher varies seasonally, being denser and glossier in the winter. During the summer, the color becomes more mottled, as the fur goes through a moulting cycle. Fishers prefer to hunt in full forest. While they are agile climbers, most of their time is spent on the forest floor. They also prefer to forage where there is fallen dead wood on the forest floor. Fishers are omnivorous and feed on a wide variety of small animals and occasionally fruits and mushrooms. They show a preference for the snowshoe hare and are one of the few predators able to successfully hunt porcupine. Despite their name, fishers seldom eat fish.

Caught and released this Fisher in GMU 642 not far east of Pacific Beach in the upper Joe Creek drainage, 12/15/13.

Released this fisher in GMU 642 near macafee hill. 12/17/13


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