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Here's Our Traditional Roasted Duck.

Slow Roasted Duck/Goose
Keep in mind that a mallard, gadwall or pintail will serve two, a goose four, and a shoveller, widgeon or teal will serve one.
This serves 4.
2 large wild ducks (see above for species variations)
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 lemon cut in half
4 sprigs sage, rosemary, parsley and/or thyme
Preheat oven to 325F. Using a needle or a very sharp knife point, prick the skin of the duck all over but be sure to not pierce the meat itself, only the skin. This helps the fat render out and will help crisp the skin.

Rub the lemon all over the duck and stick it inside the cavity. Liberally salt the bird; use a little more salt than you think you need. Stuff the cavity with the herbs. Put the duck on roasting pan.

Cook regular ducks like mallards and pintails for 45 minutes. Small ducks (shovellers, widgeon, teal, etc.) only need 30 minutes. If you are roasting a goose, increase the roasting time to 55 minutes. After the appropriate cooking time, take the pan out of the oven and set the duck on a cutting board to rest. Spoon out any excess fat.

Now turn the heat up to 450F. When the oven hits this temperature, roast it for 10 more minutes or until the skin is crisp.
The reason you take the bird out of the oven is because the resting time helps redistribute the juices in the bird, and you are crisping the skin without overcooking the duck by only returning it when the oven is hot.

Remove from oven and let the bird rest. Youll only need 5 minutes resting time for small birds, 10 minutes for large ducks, and 15 for geese.

Krackers simple salmon smoke brine

I have had a flood of pm's asking for a good smoking brine. OK fine Ill share, this is the one I have used for many years for a wet brine and smoke recipe with a little more detail. This was made for a smoked fish flavor and not a nasty salty taste, I hate salty fish yuck, and a thick smokey flavor :tup:

Hope you enjoy  :tup:

1/2 cup DARK BROWN sugar
cup non iodized salt, or 1/3 iodized (does not matter, dont believe the BS)
2-1/4 cups soy sauce
1 cup water (add LAST, DONT ARGUE JUST DO IT)
tsp. onion powder
tsp. garlic powder
1 TBSP ground pepper
1 TBSP Tabasco sauce (you wont taste it, just do it)

heat in the microwave everything to HOT except adding water.

stir a million times until granules are melted as best you can

now, add 1 cup of ice cold water or a handful of ice cubes to cool it down COLD. (hot brine makes salmon get mushy fast, then its shiiiiiiiiiit)

pour over meat in zip lock baggies, then you MUST zip up 95% of the way, push out all air, and then finish zipping. you want all meat drowned in the brine.

after 8/9 hrs remove, throw in colander and let it drain liquid, then lay out on cardboard or something for 30 minutes, dont start smoking with dripping meat, ever.

smoke to desired dryness, i shoot for 8-9 hrs. remember, when its warm ti twill appear to be softer then when it cools. I usually run 120-130 degrees.

if you have Questions pm me  :tup:

NOW* * * * if you want a sweet glaze on it, at 7.5 hours mix in a bowl bourbon or water with more brown sugar, a super thick paste, and cover fish. it will melt in and make a nice sticky glaze thats yummy

Krackers Chipotle Smoked Salmon Dip

Very easy!
-smoked salmon, put it in a ninja or grinder and totally destroy it to shreds you want small particles
-in a large mixing bowl add the smoked salmon,
-mayo, and alot of cream cheese, i nuked mine to soften it up
-the kicker, add some chipotle sauce


Krackers Super Sour Pickles

slice, spear, cube, your cukes whatever you like, i will say spears crisp better even though i dislike spears.

4 cups white vinegar
2 cups water
1/3 cup pickling salt
2 tsp dill weed dried

(1/4 tsp pickle crisp or alum per jar, add to jar before canning)

then is all the ingredients, bring them to a boil, and once they boiled for about 2 minutes poyur over cukes until they are covered and under water.

let sit 12 hours.

then remove from liquid, SAVE LIQUID!!! and bring liquid to a boil separate while you stuff jars with cukes, filling to 1/2" from top.

in each jar add 1/4 tsp of pickle crisp or alum, and then when liquid is boiling add to jars, again 1/2" from top, and add lids and ribngs, and hot bath them for 15 minutes, not 9 or 10, go 15! they are so acidic 15 works best.

i like to refrigerate asap and seems to also hold crisp better, i love crunchy pickles  :IBCOOL:

now, for an amazing kick, when you have enough for a few jars left add some pepper flakes, jalapenos or whatever, and boil for 2 minutes longer, then do same as above, spicy super sour pickles are a freakin amazing treat

Krackers Razor Chowder

3-5 pounds razors cleaned and rinsed (or in shells but its more work)
6 big slices of bacon,
4 TBSP butter
2 cups finely chopped walla walla sweet onions
3-4 cans of cream of celery
1-1/2 TBSP minced garlic
6 sprigs fresh thyme leaves
5-6 cubed, peeled potatoes, in 1/2" cubes
2 cups heavy cream
1 tsp
1 TBSP freshly ground black pepper
2 TBSP minced parsley leaves
1/4 cup finely chopped chives or green onions


In a large stockpot bring 2 cans of clam juice to a boil. Add clams, cover and cook for 5 minutes. Uncover, quickly stir clams with a wooden spoon. Cover and cook 5 to 10 minutes longer (this will depend on the type and size of clams you are using), or until most of the clams are opened.


Transfer the clams to a large bowl or baking dish and strain the broth twice through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl, being careful to strain out the sand. (You should have about 6 cups of clam broth. If not, add enough water to bring the volume up to 6 cups. 2 CANS YOU SHOULD NEED 2 MORE CUPS OF JUST WATER TO HIT 6 CUPS) When the clams are cool enough to handle, remove them from their shells and chop into 1/2-inch pieces (I USED A BLENDER / NINJA FOR SMALLER PIECES IT WAS PERFECT) . Set clams and broth aside.

In a large heavy pot cook the bacon until crisp and the fat is rendered. KEEP ALL BACON AND FAT, CHOP UP BACON,  Add the butter, onions and cream of celery and cook until softened, about 5 minutes.

Add the garlic, thyme and bay leaves, and cook until the vegetables are thoroughly wilted, about 3 minutes, being careful not to brown.

 Add the potatoes and reserved clam broth, and bring to a boil. then IMMEDIATELY  Lower the heat, cover, and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the broth thickens slightly and the potatoes are very tender. (If you like a thicker broth, mash some of the potatoes against the side of the pot with a wooden spoon.) Remove from the heat, stir in clams and heavy cream and season with pepper and salt, if necessary.


Set aside for 30 min, covered, NO HEAT, to allow the flavors to marry. Place the pot over low heat, and slowly reheat to eat temp, being careful not to bring to the boil. Serve hot, garnished with 1 or 2 pats of butter, parsley and chives.

if you over boiled and its too thin, add 2 TBSP of cornstarch


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