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Pork or Deer Chops:

Thin sliced pork or deer chops
fresh rosemary
ground red pepper (not too much)
ground sage

I prefer to fry them quick in a pan. They're excellent!

Wild game sausage
2 pounds game meat (deer, elk, bear)
3 pounds pork shoulder butt
pound pork fat (run thru grinder with pork better blending)
10 cloves garlic, fresh minced
cup white onion, minced (made with 2/3 cup RED onion and did not like aftertaste)
1 cup Italian parsley leaves, then chopped (about 2.5 TBLS)
2.5 TBLS paprika
4 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp ground black pepepr
1.5 cups diced small cubes cheddar cheese (works best not thru grinder)
8 ounces liquid.  (we used Octoberfest beer in half, red wine in half, both very good)
Sausage casings, 32-35 mm


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