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WDFW Private Land Access Hunting Programs - (last update 2018)
Are you a hunter who doesn't know where to go hunting. There is a long list of properties that hunters have access to in Washington. I am familiar with numerous properties in these programs, there are some quality hunting opportunities available to hunters. If you don't know where to go hunting these properties can be a good place to start.

Types of Private Lands Access
The following are the types of hunting programs available on private lands where hunting is possible in Washington. Different agreements with landowners mean differing requirements to hunt on those lands. Please make sure to obey all posted signage and any directions that are available on the website for specific properties. In some cases, landowners may have specific information or requests for hunters. This information will be posted on the website under the specific property. Hunters should ensure that they are aware of all restrictions, directions or information prior to hunting on private lands. To see all properties and for more information about signage on private hunting lands, use the links visit the private hunting lands website and the various programs.

Feel Free to Hunt Lands
Private lands where WDFW has a management agreement with the owner to provide public access for hunting. Hunters are not required to gain additional permission when hunting lands posted with a Feel Free to Hunt sign. List of Properties and the county where they are located:

Asotin Grade (Asotin)
Beacon Road (Whitman)
Biscuit Ridge Road (Walla Walla)
Blacksnake Ridge RD (Walla Walla)
Blue Creek (Walla Walla)
Brady Loop #1 (Grays Harbor)
Brady Loop #2 (Grays Harbor)
Brady Loop #3 (Grays Harbor)
Britton RD (Walla Walla)
Britton Road (Walla Walla)
Byrnes Road (Walla Walla)
Canniwai Draw (Lincoln)
Clark Pond South (Franklin)
Covello RD (Columbia)
Coyote Road (Whitman)
Damon Rd x Schrag Rd (Adams)
Day Creek Kosbab (Skagit)
Dewey Road (Whitman)
Dodd Road (Walla Walla)
Dodge Junction - Windfarm (Garfield)
Eckler Mountain (Columbia)
Eckler MTN (Columbia)
Erickson Road (Lincoln)
Finn Ridge Road (Klickitat)
Five Mile (Walla Walla)
Grandy Creek (Skagit)
Griffith Rd x Suko Rd (Adams)
Gun Club (Klickitat)
Hatton Rd x Pence Rd (Adams)
Heaton Gulch (Garfield)
Heineman Rd x Lauer Rd - FFTH (Adams)
Heritage Rd., St Andrews FFTH (Douglas)
Highway 261 - Tucannon River (Columbia)
Hiram Hall Rd (Grays Harbor)
Hogeye Hollow (Columbia)
Hoover Rd. (Franklin)
Hwy 2 & Rd E - FFTH (Douglas)
Hwy 2 & Rd F - FFTH (Douglas)
Hwy 2 and Rd H - FFTH (Douglas)
HWY12 (Columbia)
Ingram Road (Whitman)
Jasper Mountain Road (Walla Walla)
Johnson Rd NW x Sheep Canyon Rd - FFTH (Grant)
Joyce Rd. (Franklin)
King Grade (Columbia)
Lauer Rd and Rt 21 (Adams)
Leid Road (Walla Walla)
Lewis Gulch (Columbia)
Lower Monumental Rd & Casey Rd (Walla Walla)
Mabton-Bickleton Road (Yakima)
MaGee Road (Columbia)
Malcolm Grade (Columbia)
Mill Creek (Walla Walla)
Mill Creek RD (Walla Walla)
Minnick Elevator (Walla Walla)
Morman Grade (Walla Walla)
Moxee Valley (Yakima)
Mud Creek Road (Walla Walla)
N Touchet River Road (Walla Walla)
Naught Rd. (Yakima)
North and South Coppei RD (Walla Walla)
North Touchet RD (Walla Walla)
North Touchet Road (Walla Walla)
Palouse-Albion (Whitman)
Pikes Peak (Walla Walla)
Plymouth Rd. (Benton)
Rd 20 x Rd L - FFTH (Grant)
Rd 27 x Rd T - FFTH (Grant)
Rd 29 x Rd T - FFTH (Grant)
Rd 4 NE, St Andrews FFTH (Douglas)
Rd 4 NE, St. Andrews 2 FFTH (Douglas)
RD C SE-FFTH (Douglas)
Rd E & Rd 7 - FFTH (Douglas)
Rd E NW x Sheep Canyon Rd - FFTH (Grant)
Rd M Pivot (Grant)
Rd T & Rd 18 - FFTH (Grant)
Reynolds Rd West (Franklin)
Ridge Rd. (Yakima)
Ringold Rd (Franklin)
Road D & Rd 7 - FFTH (Douglas)
Road M NE & Road 16 NE - FFTH (Douglas)
Robinette MTN RD (Columbia)
Rose Gulch (Columbia)
Rowe Rd x Johnson Rd (Adams)
Russell Creek (Walla Walla)
S. Fork Deadman Gulch (Garfield)
Sellards (Benton)
Shawnee-Parvin Road (Whitman)
Sims Road (Walla Walla)
Smith-Prather Road (Lincoln)
South Fork Russell Creek Scenic Loop (Walla Walla)
South Road 29 NE and Road X NE (Grant)
Sprauer Rd NW - FFTH (Douglas)
Spring Creek FFTH (Walla Walla)
Spring Creek Road (Walla Walla)
Squires Road (Whitman)
SR 525-Trillium Woods (Island)
St Andrews Rd & Rd 9 NE - FFTH (Douglas)
State Rd 21 x I-90 (Adams)
Sudbury Elevators (Walla Walla)
Sudbury Road (Walla Walla)
Sweeney Gulch (Garfield)
Territorial Road (Columbia)
Territorial Road (Columbia)
TNC (Kittitas)
Tucannon Cow Camp (Columbia)
Turner Road (Columbia)
Watson Road (Lincoln)
Weissenfels Ridge-North (Asotin)
Welland RD (Walla Walla)
West Meadow Creek (Garfield)
Western Pacific Timber Goldendale (Klickitat)
Weyerhaeuser Cathlamet (Wahkiakum)
Whetstone Road (Columbia)
Whiskey Creek (Columbia)
Wild Horse Hill (Garfield)
Williams Road (Lincoln)
Zumwalt (Garfield)

Register to Hunt Lands
Private lands in which WDFW has a management agreement with the owner where hunting is regulated by registration. Hunters are required to sign in and sign out to hunt on properties posted with a Register to Hunt sign. In many cases, Register to Hunt properties have designated parking areas. These parking areas are first-come, first-served and limit the number of hunters onto the property. Once the parking lot is full, the property is at capacity. Please ensure to read the specific property information on the website prior to hunting. List of Properties and the county where they are located:

276th Road (Snohomish)
286th West (Snohomish)
Back Road (Asotin)
Bauermeister Rd. (Franklin)
Bay View-Edison North (Skagit)
Bayview-Edison South (Skagit)
Big Ditch North (Snohomish)
Cook East (Skagit)
Cook West (Skagit)
Dahlstedt (Skagit)
Deadman Creek - Register to Hunt (Garfield)
Devil's Elbow (Wahkiakum)
Elma Gate Road #2 (Grays Harbor)
Francis East (Skagit)
Francis West (Skagit)
Jungquist (Skagit)
Kamb (Skagit)
Kandoll Farm (Wahkiakum)
Kelleher North (Skagit)
Kelleher South (Skagit)
Lindgren (Skagit)
Maguire Gulch (Asotin)
Miller East (Snohomish)
Miller West (Snohomish)
Minkler Lake (Skagit)
New Cottonwood (Grays Harbor)
Norman East (Snohomish)
Orcas - Sedum Hill (San Juan)
Plymouth Rd. RTH (Benton)
Sam Bell North (Skagit)
Sam Bell South (Skagit)
Thomle North (Snohomish)
Thomle Road #1 (Snohomish)
Thomle Road #2 (Snohomish)
Thomle Road #3 (Snohomish)
Thomle Road #4 (Snohomish)

Hunt by Written Permission Lands
Private lands where hunters must contact the landowner to obtain "written permission" before hunting on their property. WDFW provides signages and perforated permission slips to landowners who make their lands available through this program. A landowner name and contact telephone number are placed on the hunt by written permission signs so hunters can contact the appropriate landowner for permission. In some cases, contacting the local Private Lands Biologist may be necessary.

The Hunt by Written Permission program is our most popular program for landowners. It is also the most restrictive, and places control in the hands of the landowner. Hunters are required to carry their half of the permission slip on their person at all times while they are hunting on the property. Landowners enrolled in this program are also required to submit all of their permission slips to the local private lands biologist at the end of the hunting season. Huntable species, overall access and other restrictions will vary and are at the discretion of the landowner. List of Properties and the county where they are located:

Road 2 NE - HBWP (Douglas)
Road C NE Touhey - HBWP (Douglas)
10th RD NW - HBWP (Douglas)
198th (Snohomish)
5 Rd NE & Heritage - HBWP (Douglas)
Ace High Ranch (Ferry)
Almota Creek (Whitman)
Anderson Rd x Tokio Rd (Adams)
Arbuckle Draw - HBWP (Grant)
Axtell Lands (Stevens)
Ayer Road (Walla Walla)
Baird Springs & Monument Hill Rd- HBWP (Grant)
Baird Springs Rd HBWP (Grant)
Baird Springs Rd x Rd J - HBWP (Grant)
Baker Road (Whitman)
Batum Rd x Rosenoff Rd (Adams)
Beckley Rd (Adams)
Benge Washtucna Rd (Adams)
Bennington (Walla Walla)
Bibbee Road (Spokane)
Blackrock Valley (Benton)
Blanton Rd. (Franklin)
Bosley Grade (Garfield)
Britton & Dodd RD (Walla Walla)
Britton RD (Walla Walla)
Burnt Valley (Stevens)
Calloway Hill (Garfield)
Clark Pond North (Franklin)
Cloverland & Trent Ridge (Asotin)
Columbia Center (Garfield)
CPWMA - HWY 904 (Spokane)
CPWMA - Lance Hill Road (Spokane)
CPWMA - Pine Springs Road (Spokane)
CPWMA - Short Road (Spokane)
CPWMA Luke Road (Spokane)
Davis Rd (Lincoln)
Davis Road North (Whitman)
Davis Road South (Whitman)
Devils Slide (Whitman)
DODD RD (Walla Walla)
Dodge Highway (Garfield)
Donoho Rd. (Yakima)
Downs Rd - HBWP (Lincoln)
Draper West (Whitman)
Duguns LLC (Stevens)
Dustin Hollow RD (Columbia)
Dyer Hill - HBWP (Douglas)
End of Road Q.5 NW (Grant)
Evans Road (Walla Walla)
Front Porch (Stevens)
G Rd NE - HBWP (Douglas)
Galley Family (Stevens)
Gasline Road South (Whitman)
Gering Rd x Neilson Rd (Adams)
Glade Rd (Yakima)
Goddard Road (Stevens)
Greenville RD (Walla Walla)
Griffith Rd x Bauman Rd and Klein Rd (Adams)
Grinnell Road West (Whitman)
Hagen and Legge Roads (Garfield)
Harker Canyon (Lincoln)
Hasse Rd Northern Terminus (Adams)
Hatton Rd x Lind-Kahlotus Rd (Adams)
Hatton Rd, Moody Rd, Yeisley Rd (Adams)
Hawks Cliff Rd - HBWP (Douglas)
Heideger Road (Stevens)
Henning Road South (Whitman)
Heritage Rd & Rd 4 NE HBWP (Douglas)
Highway 271 North (Whitman)
Hoefel Rd x Phillips Rd - HBWP (Adams)
Hoffman Rd x Roloff Rd - HBWP (Adams)
Hopkins Ridge Wind Facility (Columbia)
Hopkins Ridge Wind Facility (Columbia)
Hopkins Ridge Wind Facility (Columbia)
Hopkins Ridge Wind Facility (Columbia)
Howard Rd x Rowe Rd - HBWP (Adams)
Hwy 174 & 26NE - HBWP (Douglas)
Hwy 26 x Hwy 261, East Washtucna (Adams)
Hwy 26 x Johnson Rd (Adams)
HWY 395 North and South of Ritzville (Adams)
I RD NW - HBWP (Douglas)
Iron Mountain (Ferry)
Jantz Rd, NW of Lind - HBWP (Adams)
Johnson Road and Long Gulch (Asotin)
Jones Road (Whitman)
Jordan-Knott South (Whitman)
Kellog Hollow - Smith Hollow (Columbia)
Kellogg Hollow Road (Columbia)
Kelly Creek (Asotin)
Klein Rd x Providence Rd (Adams)
L NE Rd - HBWP (Grant)
Langford Rd (Franklin)
Lehman Trust (Stevens)
Lewis Peak (Walla Walla)
Lewis Peak RD Dixie (Walla Walla)
Lind Ralston and Seivers (Grant)
Lind South and Hwy 26 (Adams)
Lind-Ralston Rd, Presnell Rd, Rowe Rd (Adams)
Longmeier Rd North of Lind (Adams)
Longmeier x Urquhart (Adams)
Lovers Lane (Klickitat)
Lower Hogeye (Columbia)
Magallon Road (Walla Walla)
Marcellus Rd (Adams)
Marellus Rd (Adams)
Mattausch Farms (Stevens)
McCabe Rd. - HBWP (Douglas)
McKay Alto RD (Columbia)
Middle Tenmile Creek (Asotin)
Morning Star Ranch (Ferry)
Mud Creek (Walla Walla)
Mudgett Lake Road (Stevens)
Neilson Rd x Sackman Rd (Adams)
Nelson Rd x Herman Rd - HBWP (Adams)
North Elk-Chattaroy Road (Spokane)
North Revere Road (Whitman)
North Road 29 NE and Road X NE (Grant)
Old Truax Road (Spokane)
Overen Rd x Q.5 Rd - HBWP (Grant)
P-K Highway (Franklin)
Palouse River East (Whitman)
Pataha Flat (Garfield)
Pataha Spur (Garfield)
Patit (Columbia)
Penawawa Canyon (Whitman)
Pendall Rd - HBWP (Douglas)
Peola-Kimble Road (Garfield)
Plucker Road (Walla Walla)
Prater Road (Columbia)
Presnell Rd x Klein Rd (Adams)
Presnell Rd x Williams Rd (Adams)
Providence Rd and Herman Rd (Adams)
Providence x Lind-Kahlotus (Adams)
Range St. - HBWP (Grant)
Rd 24 - Sagebrush Flats HBWP (Douglas)
Rd 29 - HBWP (Grant)
Rd 3 & Rd X NE-HBWP (Grant)
Rd 32, Wilson Creek - HBWP (Grant)
Rd 33 - Wilson Creek (Grant)
Rd 36 - HBWP (Grant)
Rd 5 NE HBWP (Douglas)
Rd 6 (Highland School) and Rd H - HBWP (Douglas)
Rd 6 NE - St. Andrews HBWP (Douglas)
Rd 6 NW - HBWP (Douglas)
Rd 7 NE - Withrow HBWP (Douglas)
Rd A & Rd 5 - HBWP (Douglas)
Rd D & Rd 4 - HBWP (Douglas)
Rd K.5 Lind Coulee HBWP (Grant)
Rd N & Rd 41 NE - HBWP (Grant)
Rd N NE Coulee City - HBWP (Grant)
Rd P & Rd 41 NE - Hartline (Grant)
Rd P NE & Rd 8 NE HBWP (Douglas)
Rd Q & Rd 9 - HBWP (Grant)
Rd R & 27 NE - HBWP (Grant)
Rd R and 28 NE - HBWP (Grant)
Rd T & Rd 29 - HBWP (Grant)
Rd W NE - HBWP (Grant)
Reser Road (Walla Walla)
Road 24/Palisades Rd - HBWP (Douglas)
Road 44 NE - Hanson - HBWP (Grant)
Road 6 Lind Coulee - HBWP (Grant)
Road C NE & Road 18 NE - HBWP (Douglas)
Road C Rex NE - HBWP (Douglas)
Road D NW & Road 11 NW- HBWP (Douglas)
Road K NE & State Hwy 17 - HBWP (Douglas)
Road O NE - HBWP (Grant)
Road R NE & Road 50 NE- HBWP (Grant)
Road Y NE & 26.75 NE & - HBWP (Douglas)
Robertson Road (Lincoln)
Rockpile Creek (Asotin)
Rosenoff Rd and Heinieman Rd (Adams)
Rosenoff Rd and Neilson Rd, West of Ritzville (Adams)
Roxboro Rd x Hatton Rd - HBWP (Adams)
Ryan Road (Whitman)
Sagebrush Flat Rd & Rd 24 HBWP (Douglas)
San Juan - Mt Grant (San Juan)
Sandy Springs Ranch (Stevens)
Schafer Rd x Snyder Rd (Adams)
Schrag Rd x Longmeier Rd (Adams)
Schultheis Road (Whitman)
Seaman road (Walla Walla)
Seaman Road (Walla Walla)
Shumaker Creek (Asotin)
Smith Canyon (Franklin)
Smith Lake Rd N - HBWP (Douglas)
Smith Lake Rd S - HBWP (Douglas)
Smith Springs (Columbia)
Smith Springs Road (Walla Walla)
Snook Road (Stevens)
South Palouse River Road (Whitman)
Spring Creek Road (Walla Walla)
SR 172 (Rd C) and Rd 10 NE (Douglas)
State Route 261 (Adams)
Stoner Lake (Whitman)
Stuart Ridge (Whitman)
Stumpf Farms (Stevens)
Sunset South (Whitman)
Tarbell-1100 Rd (Clark)
Tatman Gulch (Garfield)
Tekoa Mountain West (Spokane)
Templin Rd (Adams)
Territorial Road (Columbia)
Theil Rd and Anderson Rd off Tokio Rd (Adams)
Tokio Rd x Moody Rd & Jantz Rd (Adams)
Toroda Creek Rd (Ferry)
Tramway (Garfield)
Tumalum Creek (Garfield)
Uniontown East (Whitman)
Upper Alpowa Creek (Garfield)
Van Belle Rd (Yakima)
WA-21 x Schrag Rd - HBWP (Adams)
Wallace Walker Rd (Franklin)
Walli Road (Whitman)
Wandling Rd (Yakima)
Wawawai Canyon (Whitman)
Wawawai Road (Whitman)
Weller Canyon (Columbia)
Williams Rd x Herman Rd - HBWP (Adams)
Wiltzius Road (Whitman)
Wormell Gulch (Asotin)

Hunt by Reservation Lands
The Hunt by Reservation System requires hunters to create an online account using their WILD ID. Properties enrolled in the Hunt by Reservation Program require an advance reservation permit issued through the online reservation system.

Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis and reservation dates become available two weeks out from the day of the hunt promptly at 8 a.m. Permits provided to hunters through the reservation system are required to be left on the dash of the vehicle near the identified access point.

It is important that hunters pay attention to the specific information for each property. Some properties allow access to entire parcels, while others restrict the reservation to a single blind. Some properties also allow group reservations, while others only allow single reservations. Please pay attention to the information listed on the website. In some cases, landowner contact may also be required. All rules of the WDFW Hunt by Reservation Program must be followed in addition to any special rules for the individual property including those posted at the site.

Upgrades to the reservation system are planned for 2019. WDFW Private Lands Staff are eager to provide a better customer service experience through an upgraded system, while also maintaining public access and continuing to meet landowner needs. For questions related to the Hunt by Reservation system, please contact the Wildlife Program customer service desk at 360-902-2515 or via email at List of Properties and the county where they are located:

286th East (Snohomish)
Adams Road x Road 11 (Grant)
Adams Road x Road 9 West and Frenchman Hills Rd (Grant)
Alkali Flat Creek (Whitman)
Alkiwawa West (Whitman)
Arden Butte (Stevens)
Beacon Hill (Whitman)
Beacon Road South (Whitman)
Berverly Burke Rd x Rd 9 (Grant)
Beverly Burke Rd x Hwy 26 (Grant)
Beverly Burke Rd x Rd 11 East (Grant)
Beverly Burke Rd x Rd 12 (Grant)
Big Alkali Flat (Whitman)
Big Alkali Road (Whitman)
Big Alkali West (Whitman)
Boundary Road (Pend Oreille)
Canyon Road (Whitman)
Canyon Road North (Whitman)
Casey Road (Walla Walla)
Cherry Creek Home (Whitman)
Cherry Creek North (Whitman)
Cherry Creek South (Whitman)
Cherry Creek West (Whitman)
Curtis Road (Whitman)
Deyette Road Field (Mason)
Dillacort Canyon (Klickitat) Hunts available
Draper Brown Road (Whitman) Hunts available
East of Road G.5 (Grant)
East Patterson Road (Whitman)
East Rock Creek (Whitman)
Edison South (Skagit)
Ewan West (Whitman)
Fisher Slough (Skagit)
Gene Webb Road (Whitman)
Glorfield Road (Whitman)
Hair Road (Walla Walla)
Harwood Hill Road (Whitman)
Henning Road (Whitman)
Highway 127 (Whitman)
Highway 23 North (Whitman)
Hume Road (Whitman)
Hunter Farms Store Field 1 (Mason)
Hunter Farms Store Field 2 (Mason)
Kackman Road (Whitman)
Knight Road East (Klickitat) Hunts available
Knight Road West (Klickitat) Hunts available
Lancaster Road (Whitman)
Linville Gulch (Garfield)
Little Cove North (Whitman)
Little Cove South (Whitman)
Little Goose Dam East (Whitman)
Little Goose Dam West (Whitman)
Long Hollow (Whitman)
Lopez - Center Rd 1 (San Juan)
Mica Peak (Spokane)
Miller Road (Whitman)
Moran Creek Branch Road (Stevens)
Mount Godfrey (Stevens)
Mt View Ranch - Kronquist Road (Spokane)
Mt. View Ranch - Madison Road (Spokane)
Mud Flat (Whitman)
Norman West Rd (Snohomish)
Old Bell Farm Field Access (Mason)
Old State Highway (Whitman)
Orcas - Colgan Creek (San Juan) Hunts available
Orcas - Minnow Creek (San Juan)
Oswald Road (Whitman)
Patterson Road (Whitman)
Pine City Road (Whitman)
Pioneer North (Snohomish)
Pleasant Valley (Whitman)
Pleasant Valley East (Whitman)
Rd 15, Rd 13 south of Hwy 26 (Grant)
Rd 23 & Rd H.5 NW - HBR (Grant)
Repp Road (Whitman)
Revere (Whitman)
Rickman Gulch (Garfield)
Rimrock Canyon (Whitman)
Rimrock Canyon East (Whitman)
Rimrock Road West (Whitman)
Road 6 SE and Road F SE (Douglas)
Road 7 SE and Road G SE (Whitehall) (Douglas)
Road I x Frenchman Hills West (Grant)
Road K x Road 9 North (Grant)
Road N x Hwy 26 South (Grant)
Road N x Road 12.5 East (Grant)
Road N x Road 9 South (Grant)
Road P x Road 12 (Grant)
Road R x Road 11 (Grant)
Road S x Road 9 (Grant)
Rock Creek Ranch (Whitman)
Rulo Elevator Road (Walla Walla)
Sagebrush Flats Rd & Rd 19 - HBR (Grant)
San Juan - False Bay 1 (San Juan)
San Juan - San Juan Valley 1 (San Juan)
San Juan - San Juan Valley 2 (San Juan)
Scott Road (Whitman)
Short Farm Unit 1 (Jefferson)
Short Farm Unit 2 (Jefferson)
Short Farm Unit 3 (Jefferson)
Short Farm Unit 4 (Jefferson)
Short Farm Unit 5 (Jefferson)
Skokomish Grange Field (Mason)
Snake River DNR #1 (Franklin)
Snake River DNR #2 (Franklin)
Snake River DNR #3 (Franklin)
South Bank (Grays Harbor)
South Stuart Canyon (Whitman)
St John Flat North (Whitman)
St. John Flat (Whitman)
Stephens Road (Whitman)
Steptoe Butte Prairie Reserve (Whitman)
Steptoe Canyon Road (Whitman)
Stuart Canyon (Whitman)
Sunset Road (Whitman)
Swannack Road (Whitman)
West Texas Draw (Whitman)
Whidbey - Cultus Bay (Island)
Wild Horse Wind Facility (Kittitas)
Wild Horse Wind Facility- MODERN ELK (Kittitas)
Willis Road (Grays Harbor)
Wooden Road (Walla Walla)

It's good that WDFW has really been trying to get access in Whitman County. Whitman County has the least amount of public land in eastern WA, and very close to the least amount statewide. I hunted Whitman for several years around 2003 and I loved the area. At that time there was a TON of hunt by permission areas. Unfortunately almost all of those areas were owned by people in their 70-80s and as they passed away the lands went on to children/relatives who lived out of the area and basically closed the land off to access.

My favorite piece of hunt by permission area I met the married couple one year, the next year I came back to find out the old man has passed away, that year I met one of the son's (lived in Wenatchee) who said his mom would be passing soon and he is basically getting the place ready, he said the land will be going to his brother who lived up the road and doesn't allow access, came back the next year to find out that the old lady had died and the brother up the street had closed access.

Similar things to my story above has occurred countywide. The younger generation doesn't allow access on the land and we loose hunting areas. Personally I would love to see BLM start acquiring land in Whitman County but its not like they have the $ to do so.

I checked into this sounds good.

Is there a lot of elk? In Whitman area? I looked at asotin and the area there offering there's very little trees, is there a lot of elk in that area? Or should I contact the elk people that patrol that area? Thanks for the help!

I have been seeing these areas pop up around the columbia basin and thanks to the links above have now learned more.  Question to those of you who may have used the site, the pictures they show of the area say they show the bounderies and parking etc...but all I can see is a google earth type image...are the pics missing that information or am I doing something incorrectly?


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