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WDFW Private Lands Hunting Access Programs (private lands open to hunting)

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When I looked at it recently I had the same problem. In the past it always worked fine. I assume it may be down temporarily since hunting season is over.   :dunno:

Thank you!

I use the reservation system alot.All the fields are well marked, and usually if theres a house the people have been real willing to answer questions, about birds in the area. 2 thumbs up! if anyone needs me to scout next year some of these fields(if I'm available) I would be willing to help out. maybe get in a hunt or 2 together.

Updated May 16, 2015
There is a long list of properties that hunters have access to!

Now that weyco has bought out plum creek, the free hunting areas are going to be a thing of the past.  Can anybody say "monopoly"?  Where's trust-bustin' Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?  And by the way, does anybody remember the old saw that Weyco got a subsidy for each mile of road they built--because they were providing "public access"?  And now they gate those roads, and charge for hunting access?  Wish I owned a few politicians!  Maybe we should check into their back taxes....
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