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If your item has sold...PLEASE READ!!

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If your item has sold, please go in and bump it to the top with a "SOLD" post. If you also can, please go into your 1st post, click on "EDIT" and change the title line from the original thread title to now say "SOLD".

If you reply with a "SOLD PENDING PAYMENT" I'm going to assume that means it's sold and we'll delete the ad.

If you can't figure out how to do this, send me a pm when your item is sold and I'll delete it.
It's about 1000x easier than us having to look at every post all the time to see what's sold and what's not.

This will help us to keep the Classifieds as orderly as possible by letting us know that the item is sold.



Thanks guys.

If your item has sold you do not need to hit the "report to moderator" button, simply follow the instructions above and change the title to SOLD, or DELETE if you'd like to remove the ad without it having sold. 

If you can no longer edit the title because it's an older ad and your edit privileges have expired then PM a moderator who'll edit it for you, please include the link to the ad you'd like help with in your message.

Thanks  :tup:


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