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Calls & Knives For Sale: RainShadow Game Calls

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Hey Everybody!

I have a few handmade items for sale at any given time. Please feel free to PM, email, etc. to request items listed, custom order something special, or just ask about anything I might have some information about. Happy to be at your service!

If the link doesn't take, please let me know, I've been trying to get it working properly.

Here's a Sample or two... Enjoy! (These are all currently for sale on the above link.)

Fully Turned Moose Antler Mini Howler. RainShadow Toneboard.

Deer Grunt; Brown Mallee Burl / Black Walnut

Enclosed Reed Predator Call: Cocobolo / Brown Mallee Burl

Mini-Howler" Cocobolo / Indian Sapwood / RainShadow Toneboard

Drop Point Skinner: Black Mycarta Grip / Leather Sheath / 440c Stainless

Thanks Folks!

Great looking calls.

Damn...there is enough talent in the call making department on this board to choke a horse.

GORGEOUS stuff.  My Riser on my longbow is made out of Cocobolo.....sp?   Love that stuff.

Thanks guys.

All my calls sound good before I pack them up. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Bone, I've got a sweet knife coming up with a fantastic piece of Coco for a grip. Keep an eye out for it! You might need it to coordinate your longbow hunting kit!

Nice products...


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