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A few of the trophies in the house

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fiqured Id share a few of the trophys Ive got hanging lets see yours.

Haha I like where your priorities are, looks like a new house.  Instead of getting all the other necessary work done you make certain to get those wall hangers up first, nice!  I would have done the same. 

You hit the nail on the head, we were even living in the house yet and I had the mounts up.  I need to take some updated pictures now that its done, and that all the mounts are up, I am lucky to have and understanding wife, plus its nice since two of the bears up are hers.

A few in my den.

I did the dame dang thing.  Mounts up first then the furniture can come in.  :chuckle:

All dandy bucks finnman.  Is that last big muely a Washington buck?


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