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Anyone finding sheds yet? I was out this AM no sheds Let us know if you are finding any nice sheds. Post a picture or two.

So far at 16 sheds and one skull.  This snow isn't making things any easier.  I've really been giving the mulies a break this year as I figured they needed it.  the whitetails don't seem to get too bothered though.  I'll have to figure out how to post some pics for you.  I have already posted most of them on other threads, but will try to get some new ones for this site.

I haven't found any deer sheds yet but found 5 moose sheds. Three of them score in the mid 50" range. Too much snow covering the ones I haven't found.  Now, we'll have wait till the snow melts to look for more.

I'm jealous buckblaster.  I LOVE moose, but don't get into very many when shedding.  I guess the occasional one, but not many.  I have an area in the panhandle I want to check out.  I bet it gets some dandies in the wintertime.


I havent really went out this year at all.  But here is a nice set from last year.


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