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Has anyone bought this blind or an Avery? If so lets share the pros and cons of the blind. I am trying to set mine up on the boat right now but found out my boat is 6 inches too big at the stern so modification is in order. I'll probably start doing that tomorrow with some 3/4 square tubing to replace theirs. Other than that I don't see too many problems...but I am sure on the maiden voyage the problems will crop up. The dog and I will work all the glitches out by ourselves before I invite anyone along to avoid embarrassment and harassment from my friends. hahahah

I'll try to post some pictures of the blind when done. It's going on an 1865 Roughneck with a 75 hp Merc so the set up is not small but I hope to be comfortable.

Thanks for the up-dates Sisu. Could you possibly post some pics. I am looking at the same blind for my 1756 Alumacraft. Also, what did you order? The cold weather kit or just the standard?

 :drool: Sweet job Sisu. Thanks for the update. I can't wait to order mine....I just have to sell a damn bow first. lol

I have the same one bought it on graigs list brand new in box for $250 and looked at the cold weather kit it is 600 denier poly coated which you can buy online for $20 for a piece 15'x58" so you can do 1 side or both now just waiting for the boat to get here

I am going to plop these links here. Some of these boats are a small fortune but if you are a serious water fowl hunter they could be well worth the cost. I just wish I'd hit the lottery. The list will include glass, aluminum etc. If you have other companies in mind please PM me with the link and I'll modify the posting. That way the links will stay in one spot but by all means add to the discussion of each and everyone.
Thanks, Sisu




Here are some layout boat links(hope to add more)



Scull boats


scull site with list of kits and manufactures




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