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Skagit Bulls still Sparring in February

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Caught a few shots of nice bulls sparing on my trail cam last week (got within 40 yards of these two during archery deer season).  Can see them coming by my first cam at a similar time the night before.  Next night about an hour later they appear on the second one which is about a quarter mile away.  The bigger guy rubs the tree my cam is on, then they start sparring in-front of it!  Unfortunately it got angled down when rubbed so the following shots didn't get full body shots of both bulls.  If you look close you can see the beady eyes of the 2nd elk in the background in the last shot before they lock horns.

Still have the cams up so hopefully they'll be more to report back on in the coming weeks.  Surprised their horns are still hard enough that they're pushing each-other around, I initially went out there expecting to find some sheds.  Guess that will have to wait a few weeks in Skagit County but will certainly BOTLO over the next few weeks.

Sparring Pics

 :tup: nice catch thanks for sharing

Cool pics  :tup:

Great pics :tup:


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