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Search function. Everyone says they hate the search function or it doesn't work or whatever...
Here's what I have found. If you happen to know what forum board the subject of what you're searching for is located in, go to that board, then use the search function from there. It's a lot more accurate that way. It's not awesome, but it works adequately for me. I use it almost daily.

Top right of the screen. 

Unlocked for now. If anyone has anything specific, feel free to ask or send a pm.


Smossy's Girl:
If you ever come across an issue where your photo is not loading, or you get a blank screen when trying to reply/post a new thread, your photo is most likely TOO LARGE. First, how to resize your picture using a PC based computer. MS Paint is pre-installed on all so it's easiest to use.

How to Resize Photos in Paint

* Make a copy of the photo you want to resize (so you don't resize the original).
* Right click on your new photo file.
* Mouse over "Open With".
* Click "Paint".
* From the menu at the top, in the "Image" section - click "Resize".
* Click the radial next to "Pixels".
* Change the largest number (either horizontal or vertical) to "800".
* Click "OK".
* Click "File" on the top menu and choose "Save" or hit the save icon at top.

Smossy's Girl:
With cell phones, there's a plethora of apps to use to resize your photo dimensions. Most newer phones take very large pictures, so you will definitely want to figure out a method of resizing that works best for you to avoid uploading issues.

For me, I have an android, and the easiest app I've found to use is literally called "Photo Resizer" and that's ALL it does. So this is instructions for that app only.

How to Resize Photos in App

* Download "Photo Resizer" app and open.
* Click "Select photo(s)".
* Browse to the photo of your choice.
* Click on the icon that looks like 4 arrows (the resize icon).
* Choose one of the preset dimensions, I usually just chose one that's smaller than 800x600. OR go to "custom" at the bottom and write in a size.
* At that point it will automatically save a copy of the new photo, at the bottom it shows you the new image location.

Smossy's Girl:
There's two ways to post a photo, inserting an image from a webpage or uploading directly using the attachments.

How to Insert Photos

This method will display the photo within the text of the thread/reply.

* If you found a photo online/uploaded a photo to another web page, go to that photo and right click.
* Click "Copy image address".

* On your thread/reply, click the button icon that looks like the Mona Lisa. It will populate image tags.

* Inside of those image tags, paste the copied contents of your image location.
* Once done, hit "Post".

How to Upload Photos
This method will upload the photo at the bottom of the thread/reply.

* Click the plus sign on the bottom of the thread that says "Attachments and other options".
* Under "Attach", click "Choose File".
* Browse to the photo of your choice.
* If you are uploading multiple, click "(more attachments)". You can upload 8 at a time in one post.
* Once done, hit "Post".


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