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first timers score


Took my sons out last sat on the wet side here.
my youngest wanted to take a couple of his school buddies.
i have a few bows set up for carp but the younger boys have a hard time pulling them.  they were using a genesis bow which pulls 15 or 20 # i think.   and probly less for them cuz of their short draw length.
the boys are 12.  my son was using a mission craze probaby 25 #or so
and the other boys were using the genesis.

we were all in my canoe and i was paddling them around in the shallows
they all got several shots and only missed once each.
i was very impressed.
but we only landed the one.
it was 8# on the scale.

anyway hopefully got them hooked and will get them out again soon.

Good stuff right there :IBCOOL:


fun times

Sweet how did it taste?


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